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2008-2014 Subaru STi/2011-2014 WRX Hatch Back Quad Tip Catback Exhaust

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Nameless Performance
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 Product Description

We are proud to announce our Catback exhaust for the 2008-2014 Subaru STi Hatchback/5 Door. Our goal with this project was to develop a reasonably priced, manufacturable high flowing, low-drone design when combined with our 3″ mandrel bent divorced downpipe





The result was a 3″ into dual 2.25″ axleback featuring quad exit tips, all stainless TIG welded construction that is Handbuilt to Order in America. Using well designed designed dogleg y’s on each exhaust tip for a flush and tucked fit in the rear bumper valence cutouts without risking overheating or melting the valence. This design also has the benefit of perfectly even flow from the right to left as well as out of each of the four tips. No biased flow here like you may find on muffler designs that use a baffled internal resonance chamber.

The Midpipe is a free-flowing straight-through 3″ mandrel bent system that utilizes one 3" resonator to smooth out any rasp. Our design uses a v-band connection in the rear to allow the user to fine-tune the fitment of the exhaust. The MidPipe also uses a flex coupling near the AxleBack connection flange to eliminate exhaust “wag” found in other exhausts.

The CatBack system includes all required hardware, a 3” aluminum gasket with a raised sealing ring to provide a positive seal at the AxleBack joint, and a 3” donut gasket similar to the factory gasket. We use a factory style donut gasket due to the superior sealing ability of this style of gasket.

For comparison purposes we will use a scale of 1-10 for volume, 1 being stock and 10 being no mufflers.

5" Mufflers: This is our new design that uses our in-house mufflers. We build each of these mufflers by hand here in our shop with our usual attention to detail. This "Less Quiet" version uses 2 mufflers that measure 6" long and 5" outer diameter. Despite their small size, these mufflers are extremely effective. We offer this version with our 3.5" single wall slash cut tips in both staggered and non staggered flavors. We also offer this version with our exclusive double wall 3.5" or 4" tips both staggered and non-staggered at a $175 or $150 premium, respectively. This is about a 5 on the scale.

4" Mufflers: This is our new design that uses our in-house mufflers. We build each of these mufflers by hand here in our shop with our usual attention to detail. This "Louder" version uses 2 mufflers that measure 6" long and 4" outer diameter. Despite their small size, these mufflers are extremely effective. The 4" mufflers are louder than the 5" mufflers. We offer this version with our 3.5" single wall slash cut tips in both staggered and non staggered flavors. We also offer this version with our exclusive double wall 3.5" or 4" tips both staggered and non-staggered at a $175 or $150 premium, respectively. This is about a 7 on the scale.

No Mufflers: Finally, the sound of the Sedan Muffler Delete for the hatch! We have had people banging down our door for this since we released the original muffler delete for the sedan. We offer this version with our 3.5" single wall slash cut tips in both staggered and non staggered flavors. We also offer this version with our exclusive double wall 3.5" or 4" tips both staggered and non-staggered at a $175 or $150 premium, respectively. This is a 10 on the scale.

Please keep in mind that we only trust extremely skilled craftsmen to build your parts. Qualified welders who are able to meet our standards in both fit and finish are extremely hard to find and as a result are very expensive. The end result is the highest quality, most functional product that is also a work of art worthy of a gallery.

Here are some videos on our blog: GR Hatch AxleBack Exhaust Video

Questions about tip style? Click HERE


If you take your car to the track or any organized racing, you will want to pick up a few urethane exhaust hanger bushings. The system uses 5 hangers, so if you want to upgrade all of them, choose the 5 hanger option.

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 Product Reviews

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  1. Dat rumble

    Posted by Amber on 17th Dec 2014

    This exhaust sounds amazing. With the larger muffler it is still loud when you cold start and when you accelerate hard, but is classy and pretty quiet at idle after a quick warmup. This coupled with an invidia catless downpipe got me to 275 HP to the wheels after a tune at snail performance. 100% worth the wait

  2. Best exhaust hands down

    Posted by Alex on 16th Jul 2014

    I had the Invidia N1 Dual CB on my 14 wrx and I liked it but drone was way to much for me and I wanted the quad look back. I was hesitant due to the money factor and this exhaust, but I did it anyway. I was more than happy when I received it, craftsmanship is amazing, welds are spot on, they include everything you need to mount it perfectly, even a donut gasket that most other brands do not offer. I got the 4in muffflers and resonators and its sounds perfect, no drone whatsoever and it has the subie rumble from hell now. Fits my back exhaust exit of my hatch perfectly too. Thank you for an amazing exhaust Nameless!

  3. The most perfect exhaust, ever.

    Posted by Matt on 10th Jun 2014

    2012 WRX, 3.5" staggered single wall with resonator and 4" mufflers.

    I've had this exhaust now for two months now and if you want a short and sweet review here it is: scroll back to the top and buy this.

    First off, the guys here are super helpful. Anyone who has had a hatch/wagon that had the muffler fall off will tell you...the sound inside can be a little bit much over time. So when I see a no muffler option, obviously I wanna take it because I routinely make poor decisions. But seriously, I didn't wanna ruin the enjoyment I get from my car so I called 'em up and asked what they thought. For anyone reading this review and is curious, what I was told and what sold me on the 4" mufflers was the guy I talked to telling me that if I ended up getting no mufflers and went to a downpipe later on, the sound would be brutal and probably ruin the fun of driving.

    The quality of this exhaust is incredible. The welds are perfect, but more importantly, everything fit up perfectly. To make things even sweeter, the axleback pipe is like a symmetrical work of art. I'm a full supporter of small companies like this one and with good reason, when they produce products of this quality.

    Oh yeah, it sounds great and the gains are noticeable with or without an AP. People are always complimenting the superior sound over their setup.

    I'm not a big guy, but it took me an hour to remove the old exhaust and bolt up this one by myself.

    I think that covers everything...

  4. Worth the wait!

    Posted by Jacob on 28th May 2014

    Being a person who suffers from a need for instant gratification, I can tell you it was absolutely worth the wait. I didn't have to wait long but I'm glad I did...

    The quality of the welds is superb, a true work of art. Fitment was fantastic. Using the "V" clamp for adjustability was pure genius! Customer service was top notch, I changed my order up mid way without issue and still received my parts in an expectable amount of time. Really pleased with my dealings with them personally.

    Now for the Sound...Pure sex! I went with 3.5" double walled (which filled out the valance perfectly), staggered, 4" mufflers, resonated. At first it was loud, a good loud. The kind of loud that makes you giggle like a child. Wonderfully low boxer grumble at idle. ASBSOLUTELY NO RASP WHATSOEVER. No tin can sound here folks, just pure heaven. Honestly what the car should sound like from the factory. Once a nice layer of carbon built up on the inside it quieted down quite a bit. Very happy and will recommend and purchase from them in the future. Fan for life.

    I wish I was a professional author so I could accurately portray how amazingly perfect this exhaust is.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. The mean catback

    Posted by o2ride2013stihatchproject on 2nd May 2014

    I picked up a catback for my 13 STI hatch with a resonator, 4" mufflers, and 3.5" single wall tips. Great craftsmanship, the welds are flawless, and the quality of the build is top notch. At cold start it's a little loud, but quiet when warmed up. From what I can tell if you stay out of the throttle it doesn't attract too much attention, but at WOT it will rock you socks off and definitely turn some heads. Altogether it's the best exhaust I've invested in. Nameless puts a good product out and backs it with customer support that anyone's company would envy! The look of the 3.5 in tips just falls in perfect with the clean rear end of the sti hatch. Thank you Ryan for your help with my build. Check out my pics and vid on Instagram @o2ride2013stihatchproject

  6. Best money spend

    Posted by Bagel on 10th Apr 2014

    2012 WRX Hatch, Cat-Back ,Resonator, 4 inch mufflers, Dual 3.5 non staggered, upgraded bushings

    If you have an 1.5 hours, a few tools, and some elbow grease, you can have yourself one of the best sounding exhausts on the block. I spent over a year listening to WRX exhausts to find that right note. THIS. IS. IT.

    Now with that said I went with the 4 inch mufflers, If it's too loud, you're too old. I love it, others will hate it. We need haters though, or we wouldn't have this great exhaust system to piss them off.

    The pure rumble out of this exhaust is awesome, I cant say enough about it. Paired it with the Cobb AP = Beast mode.

    In closing, it is the best money I have spent so far.

    Keep up the good work Nameless

    Thank you,

  7. Let's get ready to rumble!

    Posted by Jeff F. on 23rd Jan 2014

    Options: Magnaflow muffler, non resonated, 4" double wall staggered tips.

    General appreciation: In my opinion, this is how the car should sound from factory. Perfect setup for grown ups like me that want to wake up the engine sound without getting all the negative attention you usually get from non enthusiasm. The car is a little loud when cold and idling at 2000RPM and the drone from the OEM exhaust at that same RPM is of course amplified. I red a lot of reviews on the forums before buying and people complaining about this setup have really picky ears.

    Materials: This exhaust if a piece of art and is really well thought. For example, the flexible part is at the back which will reduce a lot of unwanted muffler vibration. The only problem is the Magnaflow muffler is susceptible to rust since it's 409 stainless steel. I ended up painting the muffler with high temp paint. Choose the powder coat option for better results.

    Tips: 4" tips are the way to go if you want a nice fit. If you prefer something less flashy, I'd go with the 3.5 single wall. If you want a tighter fit with the bumper valence, buy the 5 urethane hangers.

    Performance: I noticed a nice mid torque gain. I was really doubtful about Nameless claims performance wise and was really surprised to really feel that much of a difference. I'm stage 1 with Cobb ots maps.

    Final thoughts: Nameless Performance exhaust is a real quality product that has nothing to envy big names like Cobb and Invidia. You also get the benefit to choose from different options and customize the product for your liking! I've been running this exhaust for 1 moth now, and no regret!

  8. Great Exhaust!

    Posted by Vince on 17th Jan 2014

    The exhaust is absolutely awesome. It sounds great. It has a nice deep, low tone that sounds great because of the boxer engine. The exhaust sounds loud on start up but once its warmed up and idle, its a lot quieter. When you hit the gas you hear the beautiful exhaust notes. Its not overly loud but your presence will be known. There's also little to no drone when you're going on the highway. Or maybe I'm used to it.

  9. Most Authentic Subaru Rumble

    Posted by Dustin D. on 12th Jan 2014

    I bought this exhaust because I was looking for the loudest possible system for my 2013 Subaru WRX. This exceeded everything I could have asked for. I checked videos on YouTube and they provided some help, but listening in person is no comparison.

    The craftsmanship of the entire system is top notch, with very nice welds all over.

    10/10 would recommend.

  10. There's the rest; then there is Nameless.

    Posted by Jeremy on 30th Nov 2013

    Let me start with this: instead of reading reviews, you should be placing your order. Nameless Performance separates themselves not only with the superior quality of their hand-crafted products, but with their excellent customer service. These guys are there for you to help you with your car-related questions, and are highly knowledgeable. There is a reason they are growing so quickly; Nameless Performance is a fantastic group of guys.

    Anyways, to the exhaust: I have a 2013 WRX hatch with the Nameless catback exhaust ( resonated midpipe, axleback with 5" mufflers and the 4" staggered double-walled tips.) The second the exhaust was installed (made easier by their v-band connectors) and the keys were turned, so sound of beautiful Boxer music was heard. This exhaust has a great deep tone, with absolutely zero rasp, negligible drone and the perfect volume. Expressive during aggressive driving, yet subtle and distinct while cruising. Perfect for a daily-driver. The quality of materials and the hand-crafted welds is immaculate. The double-walled tips look aggressive and I've gotten a ton of compliments on both the look and sound of this exhaust. Even my girlfriend, who hates drone and loud exhausts, loves the Nameless. You simply can't go wrong with this exhaust. Yes, you do have to wait a little while once you place your order since they build everything by hand in-house, even the mufflers. But it is more than worth the quality these guys provide. You're not going to have to worry about failing welds or a sound that changes over time due to muffler packing degrading with this exhaust.

    I heard several exhaust systems in person, and none sounded as good, as mature while still being assertive, as the Nameless. Order it now, install, and thank me later. I accept thank you tips via PayPal.

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