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2011-2014 STi and WRX Sedan Catback

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Product Description

This is our midpipe combined with either our muffler delete axlebacks or our muffler replacement axlebacks.


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  1. Would have written this sooner... Had to change pants.

    Posted by Ryan on 1st Apr 2014

    This is my second cat back from the lovely people at nameless.


    I'm glad you asked.

    At first I thought I wanted loud. I told myself "yeah man, loud and stuff". So I told this to the nameless crew. They delivered. I'm pretty sure my car was single handedly responsible for the tsunami in japan. But that's beside the point. The reason I took it off was because my neighbors complained about it waking their kids up at night when I left to go to work. While I can understand this, I think the real reason was that it was it was arousing his wife. But alas, I was the bigger man (giggity) and got something a little more quiet. Gentleman like if you will.

    Now for the second one. The one I just got. This one is resonated with the 4 inch mufflers. And sweet mother of Barbara Streisand it sounds good. The mufflers add a lower frequency than the delete catback combo. Quite frankly, it's sexual.

    I drove around my neighborhood earlier. I thought to myself, "let me play the song of my people for everyone to enjoy". What's the worst that could happen?

    I'll tell you.

    I single handedly impregnated 42 women with the sheer velvet coming from the 4 inch double wall love machines on my car.

    Life's a garden. Dig it.

  2. Catback w/ muffler delete for '13 STI sedan pretty loud

    Posted by Ovidiu Bledea on 2nd Dec 2013

    One of my friends recommended Nameless and I heard it on his '12 STI. I must say that the quality and customer service are outstanding. The install was easily done in the driveway with a friend's help in 2 hours and we don't have much experience. I went with no mufflers because I was frustrated with the lack of rumble and drone from the stock exhaust.

    For me the Catback is too loud especially when the engine is cold or cruising on the highway. I do a 9 hour trip a few times a year but end up with a mild headache. It sounds amazing when accelerating and playing around but it does not settle down when cruising on the highway. I have to say no drone though; the stock drone is gone.

    I have been saving some money and I will now buy another staggered double walled powder coated (I love the look on the car) pair of axlebacks, except with the 5" mufflers and report back here. I really hope it quiets it down enough for cruising on the highway, while giving me the rumble when it's time to play.

    Moral of the story: Do your research ahead of time and then some more or you might be disappointed. I rushed to buy in all my excitement and didn't get what I wanted. I still would not buy anything else though.

  3. Deep rumble, beautiful welds, perfect fit. What else do you want.

    Posted by Garrett Mays on 6th Nov 2013

    I placed my order for my resonated midpipe/4" muffled axle backs about a month ago. From the very beginning, the customer service by the engineers at Nameless is second to none in this industry. They took the time to explain the differences between each and every combination of muffler/tip/resonator, and to determine what I was looking for in my exhaust.

    Having just recently purchased my first vehicle ever ('13 STi sedan), I was initially very hesitant to do any mods before the warranty expired. However, the complete understanding and desire to ensure my wants were met left me in such a sound state of mind. Jason G. even went as far as to let me know when the next build batch for my specific parts would be in order to ensure my order was solidified and they were built as soon as possible. Jason even personally called me to make sure I was comfortable with every aspect of my exhaust before receiving any sort of payment.

    I received the first half of my order within two weeks, and the second half a week and a half later (amazing for hand built components). The packaging for shipment was tight and all pieces arrived in pristine condition, even bubble wrapped. Every bolt, gasket, hangar(ordered), and nut I needed for the entire install was included. The quality of the welds was immediately apparent. Everything had a perfect bead and looked amazing.

    Install was a breeze. The fitment was so exact we didn't have to "force" anything into place (make sure to lightly oil those hangar rods). Total installation took no more than an hour an 15 minutes from getting the car on ramps to driving it away. The tips hang perfectly flush at valence, with even spacing around all sides.

    The sound difference is incredible. The 4" mufflers produce a very deep. throaty rumble and the mid-pipe really opens up the turbo scroll. They look amazing from the back and sides, and it really turns heads anywhere you go. This is FAR from the fart can sound so many other imports have. This thing sounds meaner than a Z06 in my opinion.

    Overall, amazing product. You get what you pay for here, which is nothing short of the best. Given my research and interaction with other STi drivers, this is absolutely the best exhaust available on the market.


    Posted by Kyle on 2nd Nov 2013

    I placed my order about 3 weeks ago and my catback exhaust just arrived. First of all, the phone call made by Nameless showed me their dedication to their customers, something you don't see everyday. Very personable and professional. They promptly placed my very custom order. The packaging was great, no worries about the product being damaged after looking at the wrapping. THE CRAFTSMANSHIP. Truely outstanding. Some of the best welds I've seen in a long time. You get what you pay for. This is by far the best looking and sounding exhaust I've seen for this model Subaru.

  5. Great sounding, looking... everything!

    Posted by Kurt on 10th Oct 2013

    I recently upgraded from a nameless axel-back delete on my 2012 STi to a full nameless catback and could not be happier with Nameless. They provided excellent customer service and answered my numerous annoying questions prior to the sale. They customized the exhaust with a special set of tips and it was manufactured and delivered to Australia within 4-5 weeks. The exhaust build quality, as with my previous purchase, is fantastic and the quality of the welding is stunning. Highly recommend nameless products to anyone!!

  6. Resonated mid pipe and 4" muffled axle back quad staggered double wall

    Posted by Sam on 11th Sep 2013

    First off the guys at nameless are awesome and took the time on the phone to make sure I got what I wanted. Extremely high quality craftsmanship, amazing welds and great fit. People give me compliments all the time, the sound is Awesome. it makes me really happy every time I step on the gas. Will definitely be doing business with Nameless again. I have a video clip of it on Instagram @STI503

  7. Mid-pipe axleback with 5" mufflers

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2013

    Awesome sound without the raspiness. I get compliments all the time. Since I installed the exhaust car is now hitting target boost and spools quicker. Only drawback is having to wait 70+ days but finally got it.

  8. only the best

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Aug 2013

    i have had the nameless axle back since the product was released. i loved the sound then when the mid pipe and down pipe were released i purchased them and they are second to none and the full TBE sounds incredible.

  9. Cat back

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2013

    I ordered a cat back exhaust. It took pretty long to get delivered to me but it was worth the wait. Easy install and sounds great. Jst have to take my time to install the axle back to be even on both sides. But im satisfied

  10. Great sound!

    Posted by Walter on 26th Mar 2013

    Purchased my CBE resonated with 5" mufflers in both mid pipe and axle back, and 3.5" quad staggered stainless double wall tips (look incredible). I installed everything with a cobb down pipe. Easy install, very nice craftsmanship and sound is great. My car has a nice deep rumble! It is loud when you get on it but not bad when cruising around. When leaving friends house I had to "test" things and was told that he could hear me for about a mile or so down the road. The only bad would be the turn around time from order to shipping was a little long and didnt get everything order. They were quick and courteous about updates and about missing part (Shifter bushings). I would definitely recommend this exhaust and company.

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