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Catback Exhaust - 2015+ WRX/STi

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Nameless Performance
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 Product Description

The 2015+ WRX & STi Catback from Nameless Performance follows a long line of exhaust R&D established by Nameless Performance over the last four years. Following closely in the footsteps of the '11-'14 WRX/STi Sedan Catback, with a number of improvements and changes to fit perfectly on your '15 WRX with the DIT engine or your '15 STi using the tried and true standard EJ series engine. In testing on the EJ series engine, this catback has shown midrange gains of +32ft lb of torque and +22hp at the wheels above and beyond a standard off-the-shelf Stage 1 tune. That standard is achieved through a number of innovative design cues that have made Nameless Performance the top name in Subaru aftermarket exhaust development and engineering.

The main functional elements of this catback exhaust are its matched flow dynamic from the 3" diameter resonated main circuit into the 2" diameter secondary circuits (the dual circuits of the rear of the exhaust). Starting from a goal of matching the flow of exhaust through the 3" section and into the 2" sections, the division of exhaust is accomplished with a larger diameter 2.25" Y section in the midpipe, which takes the position of highest friction in the catback exhaust and ensures a proper division of exhaust gas flow without inducing restriction. Many other companies go oversized on the rear circuits to accomplish this goal of keeping flow up in a divided exhaust, however, the overall midrange torque suffers and the horsepower is no higher than a system with a smaller terminal circuit diameter. Our system on the other hand, produces more torque through the midrange than most exhausts on the market, while retaining higher than average horsepower gains. The result is a catback exhaust that makes a substantial difference in the behavior of the vehicle.

The second major advantage to the 2" dual rear circuits on the exhaust is a substantial decrease in low frequency cabin noise at cruise, often referred to as 'exhaust drone.' While larger rear circuit exhausts produce low frequency tones at lower flow dynamics, resulting in a boomy sound at cruise and an overly loud raspy sound at wide open throttle, our system produces a substantial reduction in cabin resonance while retaining an aggressive tone at wide open throttle.

The system is designed using 100% T304 (low corrosion, high strength) stainless steel throughout. From the flanges to the tubing and hangers to the perforated tubing in the mufflers, all of the stainless we use is the highest grade T304. Muffler packing consists of medium density, high temperature resistant ceramic wool, ensuring long muffler life and a compact lightweight design that muffles better than many market standard mufflers that are 3-4x the size of our in-house fabricated and engineered mufflers.

All weld joints are hand TIG welded by skilled craftsmen in our shop in the Pacific Northwest. With over 40 years of experience in the welding industry, our team is comprised of fabricators who have worked in every industry from automotive to heavy industrial fabrication. They pride themselves on their work and produce results that are unparalleled in the industry. Each of the connections in the catback are attached with latch over v-band clamp assemblies where they are not connected at factory connection points. At the front, a conical flare joint with a floating flange and a proprietary 3" donut gasket connect the catback directly to a factory downpipe or an aftermarket downpipe with a connection that gives all of the compliance of the factory system and allows easy adjustment during installation. At the rear of the midpipe, factory fit flanges are used with a larger diameter bore than the factory system that can still use factory gaskets (which are larger than the factory exhaust system). Factory OEM Subaru gaskets and all hardware are included with the kit.



  • Muffler Delete: The loudest option. Removes the mufflers entirely. This is a 10 on a scale where stock = 0
  • 4" Mufflers: Similar to the deletes, but with the edge taken off. This is a 7 on a scale where stock = 0
  • 5" Mufflers: Our most quiet option. Perfect for those looking for a subtle upgrade. This is a 5 on a scale where stock = 0


  • 3" Quad Staggered Double Wall: These are T304 stainless, double wall polished tips that fit perfectly into the cutout in the rear valence of the vehicle. 10 Degree Angle Cut with staggered arrangement (inboard tips stick out 1/2" further than outboard tips). 3″ diameter per tip, very close to an OEM look
  • 3" Neochrome Quad Staggered Double Wall: These blue flame/burnt tips fit perfectly into the cutout in the rear valence of the vehicle. 3" tip with a 10 Degree Angle Cut with staggered arrangement (inboard tips stick out 1/2″ further than outboard tips). These tips are only available with the Muffler Delete.
  • 3.5" Quad Staggered Single Wall: Single Wall Quad Tips in 3.5" diameter w/ 20 degree angle cut with a 1/2" staggered arrangement.
  • 3.5" Quad Non-Staggered Single Wall: Same as above but non-staggered.
  • 4" Quad Staggered Double Wall: Double wall 4" diameter quad tips, 1/2" staggered arrangement, 10 degree slash cut.
  • 3.5" Quad Staggered Double Wall: Double Wall 3.5" diameter quad tips, 1/2" staggered arrangement, straight cut, brushed finish.

Installation Instructions:

Installation Guide - Axleback/Catback/Midpipe

Recommended Add-Ons:

Urethane Exhaust Hanger Bushings

Our urethane bushings hold your exhaust in place better that the factory rubber bushings and are highly recommended if you race your car or enjoy spirited driving. During hard cornering the exhaust "wags" left to right which sometimes causes the tips to touch the bumper. When this happens there is a chance your bumper can be damaged. The best way to avoid this is to use our urethane exhaust bushings to hold the exhaust in place.

  • 2 Bushings: Replace the two bushings at the rear of the car closest to the bumper. Recommend for those who either drive hard on the street or race occasionally at the track.

  • 4 Bushings: Replace all 4 rubber bushings on the axleback portion of the exhaust. Recommended for people who race their cars often.

  • 5 Bushings: Replace all 5 of the factory rubber bushings on a Catback from the midpipe back. Recommended for those who are hard core autocrossers or circuit racers.

 Product Reviews

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  1. Gorgeous look and note!

    Posted by on

    Amazing exhaust note and tone with acceptable drone as a car enthusiast. If you want to know you're driving a performance capable car, you will, and so will everyone else! Far from obnoxious and tame when needed, but oh Lordy when you get on it!!!!

    Install was straight forward and the fiancée and I casually got it installed using only two ramps in the garage in under two-novice hours!

  2. Full catback 3.5 staggered wall f*ckin lit

    Posted by on

    This made my rex sound incredible a 10 stars if I could the 5 piece design was interesting but hey it all works out but sounds amazing 100/10 hard and a real head turner when you drop gears

  3. NAMELESS CATBACK 4in Mufflers, 4in Tips

    Posted by on

    I will start this review by reiterating a line from a previous review. "Good things come to those who wait" This couldn't be more true. I waited about 6 weeks to get my exhaust but when I received it, I was very pleased. The costumer service was fantastic and every time I went to the website, I almost always had a rep ready to answer any questions I had. When I received the package, there were no issues and everything was wrapped perfectly with everything I ordered. The installment was easy and the quality is priceless. My STI sounds amazing and I am so glad I decided to go with Nameless. I will definitely be recommending Nameless Performance to others.

  4. Nameless Muffler Delete w/ 4 inch Tips on my 15 STI

    Posted by on

    I love the way these look on my car. The quality was spot on. Installation was a breeze using the muffler tool I purchased from you guys, and most importantly to me was the sound. It's exactly what I was looking for. My friends here me coming from blocks away. I couldn't be happier. Go Nameless!

  5. Extremely pleased with this product, 4 inch tips muffler delete, I highly recommend for your WRX!!!

    Posted by on

    As soon as I got my 2017 WRX I already knew that eventually I wanted to run a whole nameless setup. I finally​ bought the catback with the 4inch tips and muffler delete. Installation was fairly easy, though I probably used alot more wd 40 then I should've for the exhaust bushings... Like what pretty much every one else who got the muffler delete for their WRX said, don't hesitate or worry if you think it'll be too loud! I was thinking the same at first and was actually a little worried it would be too loud for my house since I park in the garage, but it's not even that loud on cold start ups. The sound is amazing an at warm idle and normal driving it's not too much louder then the stock sound, only when your gassin it or going above 3000rpm. Really the only complaints I can have about this is the wait time, it took me about 5 and a half weeks from ordering to get i, but it was Worth it. I also wished that they made the 4inch tips in neochrome​ but hey it doesn't change the fact that this is an amazing exhaust. Now to patiently wait to buy the nameless downpipe...

  6. Amazing product: Catback Exhaust, 4 inch Mufflers, 3.5 inch tips, 17 WRX

    Posted by on

    The guys at Nameless are incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Tyler was amazing! And the product itself is stellar. I'm a 40 year old professional with 2 kids, and I was concerned about my exhaust being too loud, especially with cold start ups in my neighborhood and while driving at 60mph plus. Well, I went with the 4 inch mufflers and, for me, they're too quiet. I really wish I went with the deletes. So if you're shying away from the deletes because you think they're too loud, DON'T! Once the car idles, it's super quiet. At that point it only has a low, beautiful rumble to it. So forget the mufflers, and go for the deletes. Trust me! p.s. The 3.5 inch double-wall tips fill out the cut outs perfectly.

  7. Very high quality cat back exhaust - 16 WRX

    Posted by on

    I got the nameless catback with the 5" mufflers for my 16 WRX. Easy upgrade for the stock system. Had everyone good to go under an hour or so. I also went with the 5 new bushings from nameless. Super stiff bushings, kind of a pain to get on but worth it. Really tight setup. Only had minor problem with my torklift hidden trailer hitch on the ride. The passenger side exhaust hanger near the muffler was hitting the frame of the hitch. Had to bend an exhaust hanger just a tad but in the end, all good. Sound has significantly changed after a few hundred miles on the catback. Was a little boxy and nasally after initial install. Now it growls, cracks and pops in the best of ways. Love the exhaust, would highly recommend. Also see a very small turbo lag decrease on stock tune, (seems to have a small performance benefit that I can feel) also with a lower temperature on the exhaust temp reading from ODBII with Torque app.

  8. The best choice

    Posted by on

    2017 Sti with cat back 5" mufflers and staggered double wall 3.5"

    The quality of the exhaust is outstanding
    Amazing welds
    Flawless bends

    Great staff and customer service

    I got my complete setup sent to me in calgary Canada in about
    3 weeks

    Very very happy with it!

Showing reviews 1-8 of 79 | Next

 Product Videos

2015 Subaru WRX with Nameless Performance Catback Exhaust
  • 2015 Subaru WRX with Nameless Performance Catback Exhaust
    Resonator in mid-pipe with 5" short mufflers. 3" piping with 4...

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