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Catback Exhaust - 2015+ WRX/STi

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Nameless Performance
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 Product Description

The 2015+ WRX & STi Catback from Nameless Performance follows a long line of exhaust R&D established by Nameless Performance over the last four years. Following closely in the footsteps of the '11-'14 WRX/STi Sedan Catback, with a number of improvements and changes to fit perfectly on your '15 WRX with the DIT engine or your '15 STi using the tried and true standard EJ series engine. In testing on the EJ series engine, this catback has shown midrange gains of +32ft lb of torque and +22hp at the wheels above and beyond a standard off-the-shelf Stage 1 tune. That standard is achieved through a number of innovative design cues that have made Nameless Performance the top name in Subaru aftermarket exhaust development and engineering.

The main functional elements of this catback exhaust are its matched flow dynamic from the 3" diameter resonated main circuit into the 2" diameter secondary circuits (the dual circuits of the rear of the exhaust). Starting from a goal of matching the flow of exhaust through the 3" section and into the 2" sections, the division of exhaust is accomplished with a larger diameter 2.25" Y section in the midpipe, which takes the position of highest friction in the catback exhaust and ensures a proper division of exhaust gas flow without inducing restriction. Many other companies go oversized on the rear circuits to accomplish this goal of keeping flow up in a divided exhaust, however, the overall midrange torque suffers and the horsepower is no higher than a system with a smaller terminal circuit diameter. Our system on the other hand, produces more torque through the midrange than most exhausts on the market, while retaining higher than average horsepower gains. The result is a catback exhaust that makes a substantial difference in the behavior of the vehicle.

The second major advantage to the 2" dual rear circuits on the exhaust is a substantial decrease in low frequency cabin noise at cruise, often referred to as 'exhaust drone.' While larger rear circuit exhausts produce low frequency tones at lower flow dynamics, resulting in a boomy sound at cruise and an overly loud raspy sound at wide open throttle, our system produces a substantial reduction in cabin resonance while retaining an aggressive tone at wide open throttle.

The system is designed using 100% T304 (low corrosion, high strength) stainless steel throughout. From the flanges to the tubing and hangers to the perforated tubing in the mufflers, all of the stainless we use is the highest grade T304. Muffler packing consists of medium density, high temperature resistant ceramic wool, ensuring long muffler life and a compact lightweight design that muffles better than many market standard mufflers that are 3-4x the size of our in-house fabricated and engineered mufflers.

All weld joints are hand TIG welded by skilled craftsmen in our shop in the Pacific Northwest. With over 40 years of experience in the welding industry, our team is comprised of fabricators who have worked in every industry from automotive to heavy industrial fabrication. They pride themselves on their work and produce results that are unparalleled in the industry. Each of the connections in the catback are attached with latch over v-band clamp assemblies where they are not connected at factory connection points. At the front, a conical flare joint with a floating flange and a proprietary 3" donut gasket connect the catback directly to a factory downpipe or an aftermarket downpipe with a connection that gives all of the compliance of the factory system and allows easy adjustment during installation. At the rear of the midpipe, factory fit flanges are used with a larger diameter bore than the factory system that can still use factory gaskets (which are larger than the factory exhaust system). Factory OEM Subaru gaskets and all hardware are included with the kit.



  • Muffler Delete: The loudest option. Removes the mufflers entirely. This is a 10 on a scale where stock = 0
  • 4" Mufflers: Similar to the deletes, but with the edge taken off. This is a 7 on a scale where stock = 0
  • 5" Mufflers: Our most quiet option. Perfect for those looking for a subtle upgrade. This is a 5 on a scale where stock = 0


  • 3" Quad Staggered Double Wall: These are T304 stainless, double wall polished tips that fit perfectly into the cutout in the rear valence of the vehicle. 10 Degree Angle Cut with staggered arrangement (inboard tips stick out 1/2" further than outboard tips). 3″ diameter per tip, very close to an OEM look
  • 3" Neochrome Quad Staggered Double Wall: These blue flame/burnt tips fit perfectly into the cutout in the rear valence of the vehicle. 3" tip with a 10 Degree Angle Cut with staggered arrangement (inboard tips stick out 1/2″ further than outboard tips). These tips are only available with the Muffler Delete.
  • 3.5" Quad Staggered Single Wall: Single Wall Quad Tips in 3.5" diameter w/ 20 degree angle cut with a 1/2" staggered arrangement.
  • 3.5" Quad Non-Staggered Single Wall: Same as above but non-staggered.
  • 4" Quad Staggered Double Wall: Double wall 4" diameter quad tips, 1/2" staggered arrangement, 10 degree slash cut.
  • 3.5" Quad Staggered Double Wall: Double Wall 3.5" diameter quad tips, 1/2" staggered arrangement, straight cut, brushed finish.

Installation Instructions:

Installation Guide - Axleback/Catback/Midpipe

Recommended Add-Ons:

Urethane Exhaust Hanger Bushings

Our urethane bushings hold your exhaust in place better that the factory rubber bushings and are highly recommended if you race your car or enjoy spirited driving. During hard cornering the exhaust "wags" left to right which sometimes causes the tips to touch the bumper. When this happens there is a chance your bumper can be damaged. The best way to avoid this is to use our urethane exhaust bushings to hold the exhaust in place.

  • 2 Bushings: Replace the two bushings at the rear of the car closest to the bumper. Recommend for those who either drive hard on the street or race occasionally at the track.

  • 4 Bushings: Replace all 4 rubber bushings on the axleback portion of the exhaust. Recommended for people who race their cars often.

  • 5 Bushings: Replace all 5 of the factory rubber bushings on a Catback from the midpipe back. Recommended for those who are hard core autocrossers or circuit racers.

 Product Reviews

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  1. awesome

    Posted by on

    this exhaust is perfect, loud when you ned it to be, and quite we it needs too, i got the 3.5 muffler deletes . i bought this to replace my cobb cat back due to it being too quite . thank you gor a great product.

  2. 2017 STI - Sounds incredible

    Posted by on

    I got the 5" mufflers and 4" tips, and I absolutely love the sound. The sound stays very deep and rumbling and does not get raspy at all - it's a very refined. Cold starts sound particularly amazing.
    It will pop and crackle when rev-matching which I love. It is not excessive and it sounds amazing when I blip the throttle and hear the soft crackling after.

    I was debating whether I should go with the 4" or 5" muffler option and I was very glad I went with the 5". I am not a fan of excessively loud cars and the 5" muffler option was the right choice for me. It is only slightly louder than stock when cruising around, and it is cool to put my foot slightly further on the gas and hear the rumble get louder.

    When unpackaging the parts, I was also impressed by the quality of the welds. They are very clean and uniform.

    One thing that I am confused about but is still good is that my MPG has gone from an average 17.7 MPG to 19.2 MPG. I think this is because the new exhaust is less restrictive and slightly lighter. Not totally sure why but I like it.

    Another part of the purchase that I am very happy with was the customer service. Before and after my purchase, Tyler provided friendly and helpful customer service by giving me information about tip sizes, muffler options, and an order E.T.A. When I was installing the exhaust, I was confused about the installation of the donut gasket because I had never seen them before, and me being me, a clear color picture in the well layed-out installation PDF wasn't enough, so I called Nameless for more information and Tyler was there again to help me out and answer my question exactly.

  3. 2017 WRX

    Posted by on

    So I just picked up my 2017 WRX about 3 weeks ago and I knew the first thing I was going to do was exhaust, the stock exhaust is just depressing.
    I read forums, facebook posts, etc and the name that kept popping up for quality and performance was Nameless Performance. Then deciding on setup wasn't hard at all, coming from a 2015 Focus ST that was Full Bolt ons and protuned on e85, it was catless downpipe and straight piped (LOUD is an understatement!)
    I wanted loud, but not obnoxious.

    From the reviews, the catback with muffler delete for sound and performance was best option for this car before doing downpipe, etc.

    Just had it put on yesterday and what a difference in sound. Much deeper, throaty hum at idle. Only loud for a sec until it drops idle and is warmed up. Then it almost sounds stock.

    Its an exhaust that can be loud, when you want it to be, other than that, basically quite under normal driving. So those hesitating on muffler delete, thinking it will be too loud (DON'T!)

    On rev matches and downshifts it will pop and crackle a little bit, not crazy but you do notice it.

    The quality of the product is UNBELIEVABLE! I definitely cheaped out on my Focus ST when it came to cost just to make power.
    But for the WRX the money is definitely worth the justified prices! When you see the welds on this exhaust, it's almost like GOD did it himself.

    Overall, happy with the quality, product, and sound it produces. Will definitely be back when ordered downpipe and tune.

  4. Speechless!

    Posted by on

    Well worth the wait... I should say first of all. I did wait over two months for my exhaust but it was worth it. I went with the 5in mufflers on my 17 STI and it sounds amazing. In my opinion even makes the car run a lot better. I did a lot research on different brand and reading all kinds of reviews. When it came down to it Nameless was the way to go. I couldn't be happier with the exhaust and quality of it. On top of it yes their customer service is awesome too. I know did a lot of bugging before and after I bought. They where always helpful and answered all my questions. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  5. Cerberus howls from Hades!

    Posted by on

    2015 WRX catback w/ 4 in. mufflers and tips. Without a doubt it takes some time to get your hands on your exhaust BUT, once you see it you'll understand why. Installation is actually pretty easy, especially with a friend. The sound that is produced is absolutely demonic. It has a growl to it that will get your heart racing. Well done Nameless!

  6. Good things come to those who wait.

    Posted by on

    I bought the catback system with muffler deletes and 4" tips. First of all, there is a wait. It does suck. But it is definitely worth it. The quality of the welds are incredible.

    Installation wasn't bad using jack stands. A lift would have made it a lot easier though. It took me about an hour total from the time I jacked up the car to the time the tires were back on the ground.

    The sound is amazing, and video clips don't do it justice by any means. I was debating for a few months if I should get the 4" mufflers or the muffler deletes. I was worried the deletes would be a little too loud and draw unwanted attention. Honestly, they aren't THAT loud though. Cold startups are a little loud for a few seconds. There is slight highway drone at 3k+ rpm, but I love it. As you climb above 3k the sound really opens up. I've driven by numerous cops on a daily basis, and none have seemed to care. My neighbors haven't complained (I leave for work at 5am). The snap, crackle, and pops during a properly rev matched downshift are beautiful. All in all the catback alone wi definitely turn some heads, but is not obnoxiously loud (at least from the inside of the car). I have been told if a downpipe is added then it gets considerably louder, I can't verify just yet.

    Fitment was spot on. The 4" tips fill out the cutouts perfectly, I didn't have to make any adjustments once they were bolted on.

    The customer service alone was enough reason to convince me that I made the right choice in going with Nameless. As I said, there is a bit of a wait (6 weeks for me). During that wait, I checked in about once a week with the guys who run the live chat. They were more than helpful and didn't mind providing me with updates of the progress of fabrication of my parts.

  7. Music to my ears!!!!!!

    Posted by on

    I recently bought catback exhaust system. The quality is absolutely second to none. When I opened the box all I did is admire the quality of the construction. To one like my self this was weld porn. The sound that I get out of this system is more than I expected. Some might be little too loud, after all its muffler delete 3.5 inch pipe, to me it is great. And I must say my neighbor don't like me on the cold start up. I recommend this to anyone that loves the rally car sound!!

  8. That sound...

    Posted by on

    The sound of this exhaust with the 4" deletes is beyond awesome, clips on the internet really don't do it justice. Aside from the sound is the craftsmanship and attention to detail, from the superb welds, to the "nameless" badging on the brackets.

    The look of the 4" tips fills out the opening very nicely, i was more than impressed. It did take 6 weeks from order till delivery, good things take time, and you will want to wait for these.

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2015 Subaru WRX with Nameless Performance Catback Exhaust
  • 2015 Subaru WRX with Nameless Performance Catback Exhaust
    Resonator in mid-pipe with 5" short mufflers. 3" piping with 4...

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