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Axleback Exhaust, '11-'14 WRX / '08-'14 STi Hatchback

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Nameless Performance
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 Product Description

We are proud to offer our axleback exhaust for the 2008+ Subaru WRX STi Hatchback/5 Door and the 2011+ Subaru WRX Hatchback/5 Door. Our goal with this project was to develop a high flowing, low-drone design when combined with a full TurboBack Exhaust.

The result was a 3" into dual 2.25" axleback featuring quad double wall staggered tips, all stainless TIG welded construction that is Handbuilt to Order in America. This design also has the benefit of perfectly even flow from the right to left as well as out of each of the four tips. No biased flow here like you may find on muffler designs that use a baffled internal resonance chamber.

Each axleback comes complete with a new hardware kit for installation.

Questions about tip style? Click HERE

For comparison purposes we will use a scale of 1-10 for volume, 1 being stock and 10 being no mufflers.

Muffler Options:

  • No Mufflers: Finally, the sound of the Sedan Muffler Delete for the hatch! We have had people banging down our door for this since we released the original muffler delete for the sedan. This is a 10 on the scale where stock = 0.

  • 4" Mufflers: This is our new design that uses our in-house mufflers. We build each of these mufflers by hand here in our shop with our usual attention to detail. This "Louder" version uses 2 mufflers that measure 6" long and 4" outer diameter. Despite their small size, these mufflers are extremely effective. The 4" mufflers are louder than the 5" mufflers. This is about a 7 on the scale where stock = 0.

  • 5" Mufflers: This is our new design that uses our in-house mufflers. We build each of these mufflers by hand here in our shop with our usual attention to detail. This "Less Quiet" version uses 2 mufflers that measure 6" long and 5" outer diameter. Despite their small size, these mufflers are extremely effective. This is about a 5 on the scale where stock = 0.

Please keep in mind that we only trust extremely skilled craftsmen to build your parts. Qualified welders who are able to meet our standards in both fit and finish are extremely hard to find and as a result are very expensive. The end result is the highest quality, most functional product that is also a work of art worthy of a gallery.

This will not work with the SPT Dealer upgraded Catback

We include a gasket that combines with the stock gasket to adapt this 3" axleback to the stock midpipe. 

Finally, here are the Beta Test Notes written up by the local GR hatch owner who ran our prototype testing.

If you are looking for the cat-back, here is a link to it: 2008-2012 Subaru STi/2011+ WRX Hatch Back Quad Tip Cat-Back Exhaust

Recommended Add-Ons:

Urethane Exhaust Hanger Bushings

Our urethane bushings hold your exhaust in place better that the factory rubber bushings and are highly recommended if you race your car or enjoy spirited driving. During hard cornering the exhaust "wags" left to right which sometimes causes the tips to touch the bumper. When this happens there is a chance your bumper can be damaged. The best way to avoid this is to use our urethane exhaust bushings to hold the exhaust in place.

  • 2 Bushings: Replace the two bushings at the rear of the car closest to the bumper. Recommend for those who either drive hard on the street or race occasionally at the track.

  • 4 Bushings: Replace all 4 rubber bushings on the axleback portion of the exhaust. Recommended for people who race their cars often.

  • 5 Bushings: Replace all 5 of the factory rubber bushings from the midpipe back. Recommended for those who are hard core autocrossers or circuit racers.

 Product Reviews

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  1. Great product!

    Posted by on

    I bought the 4" double wall tip muffler delete axleback with 4 new exhaust hangers. The product only took about 20-25 minutes to install the hardest part was getting the exhaust far enough through the hangers. I'm not that mechanically inclined so very straight forward and easy to do. I was told you could use silicone paste for the top of the exhaust hangers but I don't know if you can for the bottom. Also had a small gap from the gasket to stock mid pipe (rust breakdown) so I threw some RTV in there and it works perfect. Also the welds looked very good.

    Also one thing if you have had a loud exhaust on before this is crazy loud I promise. I had a invidia n1 which the guys here told me would be most comparable to the muffler delete. Honestly though great product sounds great and looks awesome on the car. The 3.5" I'm sure would fill out just nice as well. I personally wanted to get the new Gymkhana when it came out but the four tips looks so much better the two big childish cannons. Also this was a lot cheaper than that'll be so. I only gave this 4 stars because just for an axleback I thought it was kinda pricy.

    tools needed:
    14mm ratchet x2
    *torque wrench (to tighten to specs which you should do) I didn't have one I just winged it.
    channel lock pliers for the hangers [if you have a set of two ( one big one small) use the bigger one]
    *silicone paste for the hangers (not necessary new ones slide on pretty easily)
    *RTV (Permatex® Ultra Copper® Maximum Temperature RTV Silicone Gasket Maker is what I used) not needed but can help like in my situation to close up a gap because my midpipe is rusty and falling apart
    *Gloves to keep your hands clean

    I think that was pretty much it. you really don't need the silicone paste, rtv, or gloves. They jsut might be nice

    keep the box and slide it under the car so you don't scratch the exhaust while installing it.

    All in all go muffler delete. It's not that loud.

  2. Everything I Wanted in an Exhaust

    Posted by on

    I was undecided for a while if I wanted the full on muffler delete with 3.5 inch double wall tips but I decided on 4 inch muffler with 4 inch tips. I couldn’t be more happier with it. The 4 inch tips fill out the space in the rear nice and have the exact cut to them I like. The 4 inch mufflers are loud enough, have no drone, and comes with some backfire.

  3. 11/10 Best Craftsmanship!

    Posted by on

    Purchased the catback setup, it sounds super good. Not to loud. Not quiet. Pops and rumble are insane. Would recommend this company to anyone. These guys are awesome and make some incredible exhaust setups. 4” mufflers with 4” tips is the way to go!

  4. Simple, Perfect fit exhaust

    Posted by on

    It was very simple installation and beautiful double wall tips that look great. Sounds just right.

  5. Excellent

    Posted by on

    Exceptionally well made! Fits perfectly. Looks and sounds great! Highly recommended.

  6. 4" muffler with 4" tips

    Posted by on

    Absolutely love the sound. It's not overly too loud, but definitely not quiet. I can drive through my neighborhood (nice area) at night/early mornings without pissing the neighbors off. It makes all the good rumble noises.

    I was debating the 4" mufflers vs the 5" and I'm glad I got the 4" mufflers. Also, the 4" tips is the way to go. Fills out the rear nicely.

  7. Delete - My heart starts beating every time I start my car....

    Posted by on

    I've lived a long life and I've spent a lot of money on things. Things that I thought would bring me happiness and enjoyment. If you are like me you will admit that, like me, most of those things don't provide what you hoped for. This exhaust, this muffler delete, is something so simple. After all, all they did was delete the muffler and replace it with nothing (except some empty pipes).

    I came off a GTI for four years on which I had purchased and installed an aftermarket Magnaflow system. I was looking for my "sports car" to sound like a sports car. Well, what a disappointment it was. So quiet was it, I referred to it as an "old man" exhaust. (No offense meant to anyone; I myself am old...).

    Eventually I tired of the GTI with it's front wheel drive characteristics (torque steer) and decided it was time to move up. So, I found a 2013 WRX hatch with 11K miles. Bought it, drove it for three months, and was so dissatisfied with the sound of the car (may I say it was actually depressingly suppressed?)

    I knew I had to do something; I was not enjoying my car. So I did the normal thing; read all the forums; listened to countless YouTubes. Finally bought the axle back delete. My life has changed forever. What a wonderful sound my car makes now. THIS is why we own WRX's. Don't even think twice. You will be shocked at how that boxer sounds. You will feel like you've found a secret, and you will feel sorry for all those "normal" people driving their silent cars around.

  8. Great product and even better company!

    Posted by on

    You will not be disappointed with Nameless Performance! This product in particular is the perfect exhaust to bring your Subaru alive. I went with the 5" mufflers and it is very reasonably quiet at low RPM's, but just screams when you let it loose! No drone, no burbling, very refined sound. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in getting that awesome Subaru rumble without being overly loud and obnoxious.

    On a side note, Nameless has great customer service as well! I bought an earlier model of the axleback exhaust and after 4 years I had a small issue. I contacted NP and connected with Tyler. He was great to work with and hooked me up with a sweet deal on a replacement!

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2011 Subaru WRX Nameless Performance Axleback 4" mufflers
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