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Dual Exit Axleback Exhaust - BRZ/FR-S 2013-2016

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  • Muffler Delete
  • 5" Muffler
  • 4" Single-Wall Tip
  • Muffler Delete Weld Detail
  • Muffled Weld Detail
Nameless Performance
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 Product Description

Here it is, the Axleback for the 2013-2016 Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S. We use dual 4"Single Wall tips that fit the bumper nicely unlike the other exhausts out there with cartoon sized tips.

Our axleback has a 2.5" or 3.0" inlet which is larger than stock but not too large. Both split the main circuit to two 2" pipes. Both 2" circuits terminate in 4" diameter tips that sit flush with the bumper. This makes the car look like it should have from the factory.

The 3" inlet is intended for those looking to build a max hp N/A build, or going with some kind of forced induction. The 2.5" inlet is intended for the majority of people looking to keep the car N/A, and has a slightly quieter output than the 3"


The weight of our axleback is 17 pounds compared to the 25 pound stock muffler.

The axleback produces almost no peak HP but fills in the valley that is typical of this new direct injected boxer 4.

Muffler Options:

  • No Mufflers: This is also known as a Muffler Delete. This is louder than the other two options for obvious reasons, but still sounds good. In cabin noise is greater than that of the muffled options as well. This option is good if you want the "race car" sound with out the unfinished "race car" look and you are not planning on upgrading other portions of your exhaust. A Caveat here, if you are sensitive to noise or don't like loud exhaust, this option is not for you.

  • 5" Mufflers: The dimensions of these hand built mufflers are 5" diameter with a body length of 8" and offset inlet/outlet. These mufflers are the best option for a nice smooth exhaust note. The tone is nice and deep with volume being mellow with stock exhaust otherwise. When you decide to upgrade to an aftermarket downpipe or overpipe/downpipe combo, this exhaust really comes alive while remaining deep and smooth sounding. This axleback even keeps the volume down at a tolerable level with our catless header.

Recommended Add-Ons:

Urethane Exhaust Hanger Bushings

Our urethane bushings hold your exhaust in place better that the factory rubber bushings and are highly recommended if you race your car or enjoy spirited driving. During hard cornering the exhaust "wags" left to right which sometimes causes the tips to touch the bumper. When this happens there is a chance your bumper can be damaged. The best way to avoid this is to use our urethane exhaust bushings to hold the exhaust in place.

  • 2 Bushings: Replace the two bushings at the rear of the car closest to the bumper. Recommend for those who either drive hard on the street or race occasionally at the track.

  • 4 Bushings: Replace all 4 rubber bushings on the axleback portion of the exhaust. Recommended for people who race their cars often.

  • 5 Bushings: Replace all 5 of the factory rubber bushings from the midpipe back. Recommended for those who are hard core autocrossers or circuit racers.

 Product Reviews

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  1. First Mod

    Posted by on

    So this was my first mod on my brz. As the old exhaust wasn't cutting it for me. I got the 4" muffler with 3" tip. And I have to say it sounded a lot better then I expected. It sounded much better and cheaper then my friend borla exhaust. the only complain is I still think it should a bit louder.

  2. Rediscovering the BRZ

    Posted by on

    After driving 22k miles stock everything, this exhaust adds a new dimension to my daily drive experience. No longer am I cranking on the radio as instead the natural deep tones of my BRZ become my soundtrack. Sounds great lower band in cabin but in the higher bands the distinction definately becomes harder to hear (engine/road noise overpowers) unless you were revving at a light. I was skeptical that a single swap can make my driving more fun but it definately is a great product. It feels like a whole different car. Definately should have came like this. 5" muffs with 3" inlet was the perfect config for me as the tone is definately there but it is controllable and not too loud. Haven't heard the other combos but it definately works for my conservative ears. I am just glad its installed and not having to wait in anticipation for 2 weeks as it was backordered.

    Install was a pain without jacking up car and hanger removal tool. I just cut the old bushings. My screws and nut was also super tight maybe because the metal was still warm from the drive home, but it came off with a loud squeak after cranking it down. Adjust the bushings to get perfectly flush install. Recommend to install forward two bushings first then rear two as they can slide on in the same direction. Forward two you will need to bend it as much as you can to wrap it into the holes.

    This purchase makes me want to swap out headers too for that sexy rumble.

  3. Excellent quality

    Posted by on

    I never leave online reviews, but because I love this company I'm leaving one. I own a few nameless products, and they all have one thing in common. The craftsmanship and performance is always exactly what I'm looking for. The only negative (and it's barely worth noting) is that their lead times can be long. That's a good indicator of a product in demand. The installation was a breeze, the fitment was perfect, and performance was exactly as advertised. I'd recommend Nameless to anybody, you won't be dissapointed with what you get. Thanks again to Nameless for a truly spot on product.

  4. Amazing build quality, great sound

    Posted by on

    Installed the 3" axleback on otherwise stock BRZ. I was concerned that the 3" exhaust would be too loud, but it sounds great without being too loud with the 5" mufflers.

  5. Amazing sound!

    Posted by on

    Just installed the Nameless Axleback w/ 4" Mufflers. The exhaust sounds awesome, so much deeper than expected and much deeper than I would have imagined possible for a 4 cylinder. This exhaust is LOUD, so much so that I'm seriously thinking about not getting the headers/downpipe installed. I might look into getting another resonator installed somewhere. If you're debating between 4" or 5", I would definitely say go 5" if you plan any other exhaust mods. All that being said, hands down one of the best sounding exhausts ever!

  6. Another perfect 10/10 review

    Posted by on

    While I will be putting more of this exhaust together I must say that simply adding the axle back was a great addition. I love the sound. A lot of compliments from friends and others occurred after the installation supporting the genuinely great sound the ABE puts out. I'm almost scared to make changes to the rest of the exhaust but I will. If only I could have the same sound but louder. Mid pipe next then header... then the rest

    3in inlet with 5in mufflers

  7. Work of art

    Posted by on

    Great design, obvious craftsmanship, and amazing sound. Car looks and sounds so much better. Glad I went with 5 inch mufflers...4 inch would have been too loud. Nice sound. No drone...nice deep growl. A bit loud at higher rpm but nice and mellow at cruise. Suspect it would have been loud enough with the 2.5 in instead of the 3in I bought, but might put a turbo on someday so went with the 3 based on info on the website. Definitely buy the 4 bushings to install it. I had to cut the old ones off and nameless ones are much better than stock.

  8. Perfect in every way

    Posted by on

    3in Inlet with 5in mufflers....

    Perfect in every way. This exhaust note on an otherwise stock car is great. I'm building the exhaust piece by piece. Frankenexhaust. While I won't necessarily be going Nameless for the mid-pipe, front-pipe, and over pipe, .... I will be doing their header in the future.

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