Nameless Performance Strut Tower Brace

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  • Nameless Performance Strut Tower Brace
  • Nameless Performance Strut Tower Brace
  • Nameless Performance Strut Tower Brace
  • Nameless Performance Strut Tower Brace
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Whether you're driving a performance car that takes trips to the track, or just spending some time adventuring on backroads  in your overlanding vehicle, this front strut tower brace will transform your driving experience.  And what's better, on the days that you're just getting to work and the grocery store, the bar will make a noticable difference in your steering predictability and the overall handling enjoyment of the car.  

You're probably not asking yourself what makes this bar different from the litany of also-ran designs on the market, but you can be guaranteed we are going to tell you.  To start with, chassis braces like this are meant to do a job.  In the case of our strut tower bar, that job is to shore up the connection between the top end of the suspension between the two front corners of your vehicle.  Lots of companies make a product that aims to do this.  Go look at some of the other options on the market.  Found any that are a single piece yet?  Maybe one or two, tops.  All the rest are just a big chain link fence of connections between top hats and cross bars.  Good looking jewlery, but certainly not showing up for leg day with a pair of shoes on.  

Now take a glance at our bars detailed above:  One piece steel weldment, stitch welded throughout for high rigidity and resistance to fatigue cracking.  Now look at the way they attach to your car:  tiny flat plate with big holes drilled into it?  Nope - our bars attach to the car with CNC machined conical cups and nuts so that they're self-located and begin to translate forces between the corners of the car no matter how trivial the amount.  

The result is a bar that makes an immediate noticable difference in how well the car turns in to corners - less push / understeer without inducing oversteer.  And the reason is simple - without the strut bar, even slight chassis flex results in dynamic changes in suspension geometry - and those result in reduced steering predictablity.  Beyond driving performance improvement, there are a number of other side benefits if you spend time off road.  Whether it's minimizing flex that over long term results in squeaks, groans, rattles and other results of broken pinch welds and metal fatigue.  This bar will hold the line.  

And lets not forget looks, because who are we kidding - as long as the parts function as expected - looking great never hurt anybody, and these being available in wrinkle black or wrinkle red powdercoat means they look fantastic.  Finished with an black anodized aluminum nameplate with laser engraved logo.  

Installation is a snap - remove four factory strut top nuts, install the bar, then install four of our CNC machined conical nuts and torque to 18ft lb and you're good to go.  

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