Single Exit Track Axleback Exhaust - 2019-21 STI Only

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  • Single Exit Track Axleback Exhaust - 2019-21 STI Only
  • Single Exit Track Axleback Exhaust - 2019-21 STI Only
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Muffler Shmuffler because racecar! No matter what your reason for needing a louder option for your exhaust system, our track axle back exhaust is the best bang for the buck to get more sound out of your already existing dual exit catback exhaust from Nameless Performance.  With a simple removal of one v-band clamp and four hangers, this single exit muffler delete replaces the entire Y and axle back portion of your standard Nameless cat back to uncork all of the sound of your WRX or STi.  Whether it's to head to a track day on the weekends where you need to be able to hear the engine through your helmet rather than hawk eye the RPM gauge, or if you're simply looking to sing the song of your people on a cruise or outing with your local Subaru club, this quality stainless exhaust featuring v-band connections and brushed finish will achieve the goal.  Don't have our cat back exhaust yet?  We offer this system as a full catback as well.

This exhaust connects to your existing Nameless Performance cat back exhaust where the Y segment of the dual exit mid pipe connects.  This allows you to simply loosen one nut on the v-band clamp of your dual exit exhaust and un clamp the connection, and remove the entire rear portion of the dual exit cat back as one piece, followed by a quick clamp-up and hanging of the single exit axle back (using the included 3 hole heavy duty urethane hanger bushing).  Featuring long exit straight cut track side outlet for the base model, with a 4" single wall polished TIG welded tip option for an additional $60.


Fits the 2019+ STI With the Nameless Performance Midpipe Already Installed

Does not fit the 2015-2021 WRX, 2015-2018 STI 



The routing of the single exit track pipe exits from the outlet of the secondary circuit on our mid pipe and continues around the differential and diagonally out the passengers side of the vehicle with an optional tip.  Just like all of our exhaust systems, built right here in our Woodland, Washington facility, it features the following industry leading quality features:

  • CNC Mandrel Bent Tubing:  Using our Ercolina CNC Mandrel Bender, we bend all of the tubing for our exhaust systems in-house, and we take great care to control our bending process for high-flow function and attractive cosmetic appearance.  All of the tubing features a #4 brushed finish, with the exhaust tip featuring a mirror polished finish.  
  • 100% T304 Stainless Steel Construction, Precision Fabricated and Fitted Weldment:  All of our exhaust systems start with superior in-house cutting and forming of all of the core components that go into the construction of our exhausts.  And whether it's being painstakingly intolerant with sizing of mating parts to ensure a perfect weld, or taking the extra time to develop Go/No-Go fixturing and using a CNC press brake to ensure repeatable exhaust hanger positioning, we put in the extra effort so that you get a superior product. 
  • Hand TiG Welded:  A huge portion of what makes our exhaust systems the quality and look that our customers expect is that all of our systems are hand TIG welded rather than auto-TIG welded like much of our overseas competition.  Our exhausts are welded by hand, by a human operator who has control over all of the variables of the welding process to achieve a superior weld form.  In stark contrast to this process, most of our competition uses an auto-TIG solution which automates the rod feeding and heat control and uses an unskilled laborer to simply rotate the seam of the part through the auto-tig system.  The result is a weld form that is oversized, which results in an exponential increase in voids in the weld form in any instance where the overlap between these oversized weld convolutions does not fully cover the void in the previous pulse of the weld.  While many of these auto-TIG welded exhausts look like they are similar in construction, they're anything but.
  • Solid Hanger Bars:  Our T304 Exhaust Hanger Bars integrated into all of our exhaust systems are made from solid bar stock, ensuring that your exhaust fits out of the box and stays where you left it.  They are CNC formed for a perfect fit.  This is another area where we differ from the competition.  Most commercially available exhaust hangers are tubular and 400 series ferritic stainless prone to excessive surface rust.  
  • Urethane Exhaust Hanger Bushing Included:  We designed this exhaust for maximum weight savings, utilizing a single two pin hanger and urethane hanger bushing to minimize overall size and weight without compromising the retention of the exhaust system.  


First and foremost, the biggest benefit of this exhaust is absolute ease of swapping between it and the conventional dual exit muffled or muffler delete system that you've grown to love with your existing Nameless Performance Catback Exhaust   For those of us who are enthusiasts and spend time on the track, mufflers and resonators that are designed like the factory ones are provide us with zero feedback. Switching to a straight through non-muffled design brings the tone back to the exhaust for a wider breadth of sound as well as a louder overall decibel range.  Already have a muffler delete?  This option is a radical shift lower in tone for a change of pace from the system you drive every day, great for weekend meets or competitive events.

The overall result is a quick-to-change axleback exhaust that features an elegant design with a strong exhaust note.

Beyond the sound signature and improvement in power band, the most noticeable difference in the addition of our exhaust is the weight savings of nearly 25lb, perfect for those weekend track days or every day driving.. 


Tip Design:  This exhaust is offered both without a tip (diagonal track side exit through the passenger side bumper valence cutout) or with a 4" single wall TIG welded mirror polished tip.  There i a $60 premium for the addition of the tip.

Installation & Hardware:  Installation is a snap with basic hand tools.  Removal of the axleback and Y section of your existing Nameless Performance Catback exhaust requires loosening a single 13mm nut at the v-band and five exhaust hanger bushings from the factory muffler.  All required hardware and gaskets are provided, as well as an included three hole exhaust hanger bushing for the rear-most exhaust hanger on the exhaust system.



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