Midpipe - 2009+ 370Z

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  • Midpipe - 2009+ 370Z
  • Rear Section of Midpipe
  • Forward Section of Midpipe
  • Hardware Kit
  • Hand TIG Weld Detail
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Continuing in a long line of successful exhaust development for the sport compact and grand touring car markets, Nameless Performance is proud to announce our midpipe for the Nissan 370Z Coupe.  As with the vast majority of production vehicles, the Nissan 370Z comes standard equipped with an exhaust system that is excellent at cancelling any and all tone from the factory engine, succeeding at producing an exhaust note akin to the sound of air moving, more air moving, and even more air moving.  As is always our goal, we strive to return the exhaust tone to our customers vehicles and allow them to dictate both the note and amplitude of the exhaust through our modular, configurable exhaust systems.  


Our factory fit midpipe offers a free flowing alternative to the factory baffled muffling system.  This allows our customers to purchase their exhaust system one piece at a time or all at once.   Manufactured entirely in our facility in Woodland, Washington, USA, we take pride in the details of our exhaust systems and invest the best into what we build for our customers.

  • CNC Mandrel Bent Tubing
  • 100% T304 Stainless Steel Construction, Precision Fabricated and Fitted Weldment
  • Hand TIG Welded
  • Proprietary V-Band Connections: 
  • Solid Hanger Bars


Baffled/chambered mufflers are an amazing invention of science, with the ability to cancel specific frequencies of sound to provide a near silent operation.  For those of us who are enthusiasts, however, mufflers and resonators that are designed like the factory ones are provide us with zero feedback.  To improve the upstream performance of the exhaust, we replaced the factory 2" exhaust tubing with 2.25" tubing for a substantial improvement in factory exhaust flow.  By adding a pair of small diameter lightweight resonators, our system reduces the rasp inherent in non resonated exhausts without effecting the high frequency noises that make V6 exhausts sound great.  Beyond the sound signature and improvement in powerband, the most noticeable difference in the addition of our exhaust is the weight savings.  With the factory midpipe weighing in three pounds heavier than our alternative, adding the midpipe brings your overall weight savings to 15-18lbs depending on which axleback you have from us. The result is a midpipe that is an excellent replacement for the factory unit in a higher grade of stainless with a better flow characteristic.  Truly a perfect combination for our axleback exhaust to complete your catback today.  

Installation & Hardware:  Installation is a snap with basic hand tools.  Removal of the factory exhaust requires removing four nuts and four exhaust hanger bushings from the factory muffler.  Each side of our axleback exhaust system is then hung from the factory exhaust hanger bushings and attached over the factory midpipe exhaust studs.  We provide upgraded serrated M10x1.25 flange nuts and replacement gaskets that are used when re-installing the upgraded exhaust.  Hold the tips centered in the cutout in the bumper and tighten the nuts to ~20ft lb with hand tools.  *Avoid using impact tools on the factory hardware or our provided hardware as the potential to damage the factory exhaust studs which are on the factory midpipe is very high when using impact tools.  


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