Axleback Exhaust - 2015-2021 WRX/STi Invidia Q300 / R400 / N1 Fit Replacement - Muffler Delete - 3.5" Single Wall Tips

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  • Axleback Exhaust - 2015-2021 WRX/STi Invidia Q300 / R400 / N1 Fit Replacement - Muffler Delete - 3.5" Single Wall Tips
  • Polished 3.5" Single Wall
  • Axleback Exhaust - 2015-2021 WRX/STi Invidia Q300 / R400 / N1 Fit Replacement - Muffler Delete - 3.5" Single Wall Tips
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Ever have one of those days when you want to play the song of your people with your friends but you feel like you're just humming along in the audience?  Well you wouldn't be the first of our customers who has wanted to get more sound out of their existing Invidia Q300, R400 Gemini or N1 exhaust by swapping to a Nameless Performance Muffler Delete Axleback.  We get this question on a regular basis and hate to see our customers have to sell one product to buy another.  So why not both!?  Upgrading the axleback section of your existing exhaust provides you the benefit of now having two optional sound levels for your vehicle which can be swapped out with relative ease.  The exhaust tips are 3.5" diameter with mirror polished finish.

Exhaust Features & Details

Featuring bolt-up factory fit flanges and hangers and manufactured in our facility in Woodland, Washington, USA, we take pride in the details of our exhaust systems and invest the best into what we build for our customers:

  • Configurable:  Choose an option of polished or neochrome tips.  
  • CNC Mandrel Bent Tubing 
  • 100% T304 Stainless Steel Construction, Precision Fabricated and Fitted Weldment
  • Hand TiG Welded
  • Solid Hanger Bars

Benefits & Performance Gains

A simple modification like the replacement of the back muffler box on a car can transform the day to day driving experience for the owner of the vehicle, and this exhaust is no different.  We love to claim that the first and foremost benefit to our exhaust systems are that they sound incredible and really make driving more enjoyable.  Baffled/chambered mufflers are an amazing invention of science, with the ability to cancel specific frequencies of sound to provide a near silent operation.  For those of us who are enthusiasts, however, mufflers and resonators that are designed like the factory ones are provide us with zero feedback.  Switching to a muffler delete promotes more tone across the powerband and a free flow exhaust design. 

Beyond the sound signature and improvement in powerband, the most noticeable difference in the addition of our exhaust is the weight savings of 25 pounds!.  The replacement of a packed and baffled muffler with a straight section of tubing or straight through muffler design generally nets 8-12ft lb on the STi and 6-8ft lb on the WRX. 


Tip Configuration:  We offer this axleback exhaust with 3.5" Single Wall tips to achieve a larger than stock sizing on the tip without being oversized.  This exhaust is configured with: 

  • 3.5" Single Wall Polished:  Features a quad staggered 3.5" single wall tip array (two per side, staggered similar to the factory tips with the inboard tip being slightly longer than the outboard tip), in a polished T304 Stainless Finish   

Installation & Hardware:  Installation is a snap with basic hand tools.  Removal of the factory exhaust requires removing four bolts and four exhaust hanger bushings from the Q300 / R400 / N1 muffler.  Each side of our axleback exhaust system is then hung from the factory exhaust hanger bushings and bolted to the Q300 / N1 / R400 Gemini midpipe.  We provide upgraded nuts, bolts and replacement gaskets that are used when re-installing the upgraded exhaust, as well as a pair of three hole urethane exhaust hanger bushings.  Hold the tips centered in the cutout in the bumper and tighten the nuts to ~20ft lb with hand tools.  

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Warranty Information

Limited Lifetime Warranty available to original purchaser. Covers defects in workmanship and material.
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Additional Information

Muffler Type:
Muffler Delete
Tip Style:
3.5" Single Wall
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