Axleback Exhaust - 2017+ Impreza Wagon - 5" Muffler - Quad Exit - 3" Double Wall Tips

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  • Axleback Exhaust - 2017+ Impreza Wagon - 5" Muffler - Quad Exit - 3" Double Wall Tips
  • Axleback Exhaust - 2017+ Impreza Wagon - 5" Muffler - Quad Exit - 3" Double Wall Tips
  • Axleback Exhaust - 2017+ Impreza Wagon - 5" Muffler - Quad Exit - 3" Double Wall Tips
  • Axleback Exhaust - 2017+ Impreza Wagon - 5" Muffler - Quad Exit - 3" Double Wall Tips
  • Muffled Quad Exit Axleback
  • Quad Exit with Mufflers for an aggressive yet quiet tone
  • New gasket and hardware included
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By popular demand we would like to introduce our 2017+ Impreza Wagon Quad exit axle back exhaust system. AND we went even further to bring you even more options with our Muffled and Muffler Delete versions. There may be many copies to come, but as usual we did it first and did it the best! This Quad tip axle back exhaust for the 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 features four staggered tips that really stand out and set this exhaust apart from any other. No overly shiny thin piping, no cheap tips, and no gigantic brand logos. Just clean, simple aggressive look and makes the 2017+ Impreza wagons look menacing from the back.

No more trying to make a system for another application work, or bumper cutting, this system is simple, easy, bolt on, and sounds great in either version.

We designed this system from scratch utilizing our signature design for quad exit hatchback exhausts that provide a perfect division of airflow between both circuits of the exhaust system for an incredible sound. Offered with either non-muffled or with a set of our in-house hand TIG welded stainless 5" mufflers, this exhaust is sure to look incredible on your car as well as sound amazing. Seriously, just look at the installed system images, its friggin crazy good looking!

*This system does NOT require any modifications to the rear bumper.


Muffler Option:

  • 5" Muffler:  The muffled option reduces overall sound level while still providing a significant sound improvement over the factory muffler. Quiet during normal around the town driving it still retains a wonderfully aggressive sound at wide open throttle when you are trying to get there. This is much quieter than the muffler deletes and your neighbors will still love you as long as you return that lawn dart set you borrowed last year.


The quad exit axle back exhaust features nothing but the highest quality construction:

  • Configurable:  Choose a muffled or non-muffled dual exit quad tip system to achieve your desired sound level and tone.
  • CNC Mandrel Bent Tubing:  Using our Ercolina CNC Mandrel Bender, we bend all of the tubing for our Volkswagen exhaust systems in-house, and we take great care to control our bending process for high-flow function and attractive cosmetic appearance.  All of the tubing features a #4 brushed finish, including the finish on the hand built exhaust tips.  
  • 100% T304 Stainless Steel Construction, Precision Fabricated and Fitted Weldment:  All of our exhaust systems start with superior in-house cutting and forming of all of the core components that go into the construction of our exhausts.  And whether it's being painstakingly intolerant with sizing of mating parts to ensure a perfect weld, or taking the extra time to develop Go/No-Go fixture and using a CNC press brake to ensure repeatable exhaust hanger positioning, we put in the extra effort so that you get a superior product. 
  • Hand TiG Welded:  A huge portion of what makes our exhaust systems the quality and look that our customers expect is that all of our systems are hand TIG welded rather than auto-TIG welded like much of our overseas competition.  Our exhausts are welded by hand, by a human operator who has control over all of the variables of the welding process to achieve a superior weld form.  
  • Superior Muffler Design:  Featuring a proprietary medium density ceramic wool packing material, proprietary stamped inlets and outlet caps for long term structural integrity, our mufflers retain their sound for years, and resist blowouts like can be found in the competition, many of whom simply use light density household fiberglass packing similar to house insulation in their mufflers.  While the competition often times doesn't fully pack out mufflers and resonators, our vehicle-specific pre-cut packing blanks ensure that every customer gets the same sound and the same longevity of performance. 
  • Solid Hanger Bars:  Our T304 Exhaust Hanger Bars integrated into all of our exhaust systems are made from solid bar stock, ensuring that your exhaust fits out of the box and stays where you left it.  They are CNC formed for a perfect fit.  This is another area where we differ from the competition.  Most commercially available exhaust hangers are tubular and 400 series ferritic stainless prone to excessive surface rust.  
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Warranty Information

Limited Lifetime Warranty available to original purchaser. Covers defects in workmanship and material.
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Additional Information

Muffler Type:
5" Muffler
Tip Style:
3" Double Wall
Single/Dual/Quad Exit:
Quad Exit
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