BRZ/FRS 13-16 Ultra Quiet Track Pipe

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  • BRZ/FRS 13-16 Ultra Quiet Track Pipe
  • BRZ/FRS 13-16 Ultra Quiet Track Pipe
  • BRZ/FRS 13-16 Ultra Quiet Track Pipe
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As time passes more and more of our local race tracks are getting tougher and tougher with sound regulations. With this new issue coming to light and seeing how popular the BR/FRS/86 chassis is we wanted to continue to help that market be able to enjoy their weekend race warrior and still pass tech inspection.So what we have done is a create an ultra quiet track pipe system!

 Our test mule was a 2013 FRS with our Long tube header, Our 3" Overpipe downpipe with a high flow cat and Helmholtz resonator, Factory midpipe, and then our new Ultra Quiet Track Pipe. The event was an SCCA autocross. Testing the car 50ft away 90 Degrees off the car at wide open throttle in third gear this system only produced 93dB. If you have less mods done to the car it will be even quieter. 

 This track pipe consists of a huge 5"x16" straight through muffler. The tubing is all 2.25" ending to our in house 4" Single Wall tip. The material is all 304 Stainless. The weight of this track pipe is 14lbs. Still a solid savings over the stock axleback.


 This fits your 2013-2016 BRZ or FRS. 

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