Catback Exhaust - 2017-23 Impreza Wagon - Muffler Delete - Single Exit - 3" Double Wall Tip

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  • 2017-2023 Subaru Impreza Muffler Delete Catback Exhaust with 3" Double Wall Tip
  • Catback Exhaust - 2017-23 Impreza Wagon - Muffler Delete - Single Exit - 3" Double Wall Tip
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A Catback Exhaust Worthy of the Song of Your People

Give your old busted factory catback a break and swap it out for a TIG welded stainless system that is made entirely in the USA. Featuring a handbuilt resonator and hand TIG welded 3" double wall exhaust tip out the back passenger side of the car.  What's better?  The midpipe gives you better ground clearance than OEM and the axleback fits with the majority of trailer hitches on the market.  This configuration is our muffler delete for the most aggressive sound profile we offer.  Other configuraitons available feature larger mufflers and drone cancelling solutions - check them out on the Main 2017-2023 Impreza Page.


  • Improved Ground Clearance: The midpipe in this catback is designed to tuck under the car better than factory for added ground clearance on lowered vehicles or adventures off road. 
  • Stainless Construction:  No more wondering how many more days your factory resonator will last before it showers your plastic fuel tank with hot exhaust gas.  Our parts feature real T304 certified stainless, not the cut rate stuff other brands often substitute.  Longevity against the elements just leveled up!
  • Glorious sound:  From Cold Start to warmed up cruising, this exhaust is ready to bark at the tip of the throttle, but capable of staying leashed around town.  Want something more mellow?  We offer that too.  
  • Great Looks: Our hand finished brushed stainless tip is a tailored finishing touch that is easy to maintain and keep clean with scotch brite - easy to maintain - no museum white gloves required.  


  • Factory Fit: Just what it says - this system bolts right up, features a conical mount at the front to work with the factory style ball joint gasket at the header, and the axleback can be swapped out for any other configuration including the factory parts.  All modular.   
  • Latch-Over V-Band Connections:  IYKYK, if not, these flanges are a stainless ring with tapered shoulders and a latching clamp that seals it all together. No loose hardware to fuss with.  Our proprietary design features a longer than standard flange length to prevent warping during the weld process and feature a nested ledge for perfect seal and flow.  
  • Easy Installation:  The axleback is a 15 minute install, tops, midpipe requires jackstands and a jack or a lift to access under the car, but the install is just five bolts and one hanger.  Easy adjustment using our clockable front segment of the midpipe to achieve perfect fit on the car.
  • Configurable Look:  Our systems are fully modular, you can build this catback by starting with the axleback section first and adding a midpipe.  And we offer 3 different styles of axleback options from our turndown factory style, to this single exit all the way up to our quad exit options. 
  • Configurable Sound: You thought 3 styles of exhaust was cool?  We have a variety of sound levels in each of those.  This system features our muffler delete, the loudest of our offerings, but we also have a standard 5" muffled system, oversized executive muffler for quieter sound outside the car, and our dual chamber that cancels drone inside the car.  But lets be honest, if you landed here, you probably know exactly what you want and it's rowdy and makes lots of pops and crackles on rev matched downshifts.  
  • Best Value For Money:  It's easy to get swayed by low prices, but paying 2/3rds as much as the best and getting 1/3rd of the quality and sound is a false economy.  Take your time. Like Ricky Bobby says, "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."  Maybe it was Ben Franklin, we digress.   

Need more guidance?  That is why we are here!  Reach out to our team to discuss your goals and which of our exhausts will best meet them.  

We are available most hours of the day on our chat system (real people, never bots) to discuss your build, look and sound requirements and we can tailor a system to meet your needs perfectly. We have been in this business for 14 years and have over one hundred thousand happy customers.  Lots of opportunity for us to build the skills we need to get you the parts you want.  You can also pick up the phone and reach out to us at 360.263.5001 and we can talk you through it.  

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Muffler Delete
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3" Double Wall
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