3" Header-Back Exhaust - 2017-2021 BRZ/GT-86

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  • Axleback
  • Midpipe
  • 3" Overpipe Downpipe w/ Helmholtz Resonator
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Here it is, the street package for the 2017-2021 Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT-86. This package includes our Dual Exit 3" Axleback, 3" resonated midpipe, and our 3" High Flow Cat Downpipe with resonator. Bundling these this way saves significantly on shipping.

This exhaust is intended for people who have forced induction planned for their car, or for owners who are staying N/A and want every last drop of power you can wring from the exhaust.

*Disclaimer: this exhaust will be loud with no turbocharger*

The 3" Overpipe/Downpipe Combo replaces both the overpipe and the downpipe, thereby opening up the connection between the header and the catback exhaust.    Ideal for high horsepower naturally aspirated and forced induction vehicles, the 3" diameter has netted the highest numbers on all of our forced induction and long tube header development vehicles.  From a turbocharged perspective, the net gains on a 3" exhaust vs. the factory diameter are quite substantially, often netting upwards of 50ft lb of torque over factory exhaust diameters.  For naturally aspirated vehicles running our long tube 4-2-1 Header and factory intake manifold, gains as high as 49ft lb at the wheels have been seen with the full 3" exhaust and tune. 

Featuring mandrel bent T304 stainless TIG welded construction and gusseted hanger, this design is a must have for those enthusiasts wanting to get the most power out of their BRZ / 86 / FR-S. Utilizing an SCCA legal 200 Cell catalytic converter and a 3" straight through design resonator allows us to reuglate tone and keep it emissions friendly. At the aft end of the overpipe/downpipe, a 3" donut gasket is used to connect the outlet to any 3" midpipe.  A flat gasket can be arranged if the catback exhaust is a flat flange or reduced diameter.  Make sure to let us know what you're attaching the part to so that we can send the appropriate parts.

This product is not compatible with the AT transmission.

Our axleback has a 3" inlet which is larger than stock but not too large. The 3" main circuit then splits to two 2" pipes. Both 2" circuits terminate in 4" diameter tips that sit flush with the bumper. This makes the car look like it should have from the factory.

The weight of our axleback is 17 pounds compared to the 25 pound stock muffler.

The axleback produces almost no peak HP but fills in the valley that is typical of this new direct injected boxer 4.

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