Front Strut Tower Brace - 2018+ Subaru Ascent - Wrinkle Black

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  • Front Strut Tower Brace - 2018+ Subaru Ascent - Wrinkle Black
  • Front Strut Tower Brace - 2018+ Subaru Ascent - Wrinkle Black
  • Front Strut Tower Brace - 2018+ Subaru Ascent - Wrinkle Black
  • Front Strut Tower Brace - 2018+ Subaru Ascent - Wrinkle Black
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Want the best and most effective chassis stiffening brace available for the 2018+ Subaru Ascent? Well look no further! Our Nameless Performance Twin Tube, single piece weldment front strut tower brace!

Why is it the best? How is it different from other “strut tower bars”?

We start with a unique CNC machined conical cup at each of the mounting points of the brace, connected to a stitch welded twin tube design with optimal routing through the factory under hood components. We then use CNC machined T301 Stainless Steel conical nuts to mount the conical cups to the strut top studs. As they are tightened down, they center the strut brace perfectly on the factory studs and achieve a ZERO deflection mounting solution. Pretty trick eh?

Yeah, but how is it different? Don’t all strut tower bars do that same thing?

No, not even close! Most designs for underhood strut tower bars are multi piece designs to overcome fitment issues due to poor/lazy design and or cheap construction. Multi piece bars are great for A quick and easy fit (other than most use odd or too large bolt sizes that no one has tools for) but this design puts almost all the strain on a flexible joint or on A bolt. If the point of a brace is to reduce chassis flex and the bar itself can flex on its own mount how is that providing extra rigidity? If all you are looking for is some dress up accessories in your engine bay and like decreasing your cars power to weight ratio by carrying around some shiny worthless metal then those bars are perfect for you.

For the 2018+ Ascent, we have designed a twin-tube single piece weldment that fits cleanly in the rear of the engine bay. Featuring a wrinkle black powder coated finish, the bar is finished off with a black anodized aluminum nameplate with a laser engraved “Nameless” logo. The result is an elegant, function-forward design that provides an attractive addition to the engine bay that actually works! Just because you drive a family sized vehicle doesn't mean you need to settle for factory handling. Upgrade and accessorize your Subaru Ascent with Nameless Performance.

Want a discount on the part? Order along with any Nameless Performance component valued at $150 or higher and receive a $20 combo discount with the code FSTBCOMBO.


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