Intake - 2015-2019 Legacy 3.6R - Wrinkle Red

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  • Intake - 2015-2019 Legacy 3.6R - Wrinkle Red
  • Breather Hose Fitting CNC Machined and TIG welded.
  • Intake - 2015-2019 Legacy 3.6R - Wrinkle Red
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Add midrange torque and horsepower on your flat six with an intake that is built to last.  

Sometimes a product is designed to solve one issue, but the benefits go far beyond expectation.  In the case of our new factory replacement intake system, we designed to remedy the regular failure of the factory plastic intake tube, and got the result of significant power gains.  


The factory intake tube connects the airbox and mass airflow sensor to the throttle body, and in the case of the 3.6R that is achieved with a thermoplastic rotomolded tube that, over time, has a potential to develop cracks in its flexible bellows.  A crack in that part results in rough engine idle with compromised driveability and an instant check engine light, not to mention an intake system that is directly ingesting underhood dirt and grime.  Nobody wants that.  And thermoplastics are always in a state of entropy, especially so in high temperature environments like an engine bay.  

The upgrade is here:  our system replaces that entire themoplastic intake and flow disrupting silencer assembly with a mandrel bent stainless tube and five layer reinforced high temp silicone couplers.  The factory breather tube connection is retained and the breather fitting is made of billet stainless steel and TIG welded in place.  The result is a replacement part that has improved function and form.

Power Improvement

We didn't intend to spend time bringing this product to the dyno, but after the initial installation on our test car, customer reaction to the improved power was significant.  They noticed the difference within the first half mile of leaving the shop, and continued to remark about what a difference the system made in midrange pickup during regular driving.  So we put the car back to stock and tossed it on the dyno, then swapped this replacement intake on and ran it again.  The gains were significant - with over 15ft lb of torque and horsepower to the wheels at 5200rpm and a significant amount across the entire powerband, averaging 7hp and 8ft lb from take off to redline.  That's a noticeable difference - and the design provides an underhood solution that you can buy once and have last the life of your car.  


Our classic wrinkle red and wrinkle black powdercoating options are back for this new product line.  The powdercoat provides enough texture to give a good match for most other red powdercoated parts on the market as well as having the ability to be easily wiped down and kept clean.  Looking for a custom color?  Just ask for an unfinished brushed stainless option in the notes of your order and you can customize the part in the finish of your choice.  

Don't let the time honored tradition of a cracked factory intake tube leave you stranded - upgrade before that happens and save yourself a tow, or an even bigger headache in the backcountry.  


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