Midpipe - 2017+ Subaru Impreza Sedan

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Today is the day to complete your Impreza Catback Exhaust!  Our 2.25" T304 Stainless midpipe connects the factory header to your existing axleback exhaust.  Compatible with both factory and aftermarket systems, this allows you to either convert your existing axleback into a full catback; or simply upgrade your factory midpipe for improved ground clearance and a little extra sound.  We started this project with a couple of design goals in mind:

Quality: Knowing that anyone can roll down the street and have a local exhaust shop buzz box a midpipe together out of crush bent tubing for a few bills, we wanted to make sure the quality of what we offered was second to none.  We started with the highest quality materials - 100% T304 Stainless Steel.  We bend it using our 4 axis CNC Ercolina Mandrel Bender, and we design the system with our own easy to install, perfect sealing, latch-over v-band clamps.  Result:  A midpipe that will last the life of the car no matter where you live.

Fit: These midpipes are a direct bolt-up design to factory or upgraded axleback exhaust systems:  You can use this midpipe with either your factory axleback exhaust or with our upgraded single exit system.  Likewise, these midpipes are also fully compatible with any axleback exhaust that bolts up to the factory midpipe. 

Clearance:  Discussing goals with our customers, there was one singularity we found:  Ground clearance is prized across this entire community.  Whether you're on bags and leaving your signature on every gas station driveway apron, or if you're bumper cut and rocking KO2s and skid plates in your Impreza, you want more clearance.  And we designed it right into these systems.  Despite a larger diameter of tubing and upgraded resonator option, we retain factory ground clearance in all areas, improve ground clearance in the areas where it matters most. Due to this higher clearance cars with lift kits may need to use extended hangers on the axleback to drop it back down otherwise you may have fitment issues.  

Sound:  While we are HUGE fans of our 5" muffled, resonated, Quad Exit Dual Circuit catback exhausts on these vehicles, we know that everyone has a different goal as it relates to sound and many of you are all about that rowdy cold start life.  Offering these midpipes with or without a resonator allows our customers to improve sound level and tone while retaining the factory axleback exhaust, or just pulling out all the stops on your way to meeting the police officer of your dreams. 

OPTIONS:  As mentioned earlier, two options are available, resonated and non-resonated.  We highly recommend the resonated option as it not only keeps the sound level down a bit further at wide open throttle and during tip-in of the accelerator, but it also produces a warm tone without eliminating the occasional crackle and pop on deceleration and downshifting.  But if you're static and just an inch or two off the ground or do a lot of off road trail activities, the non-resonated option can achieve additional clearance advantages for your car.

HARDWARE:  Comes with a fresh new Axleback Hardware kit and a new hardware kit for the donut connection. You will re-use your factory donut gasket. 


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