Rear Strut Tower Brace - 2017-21 BRZ / GT-86 - Wrinkle Black

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  • Rear Strut Tower Brace - 2017-21 BRZ / GT-86 - Wrinkle Black
  • Rear Strut Tower Brace - 2017-21 BRZ / GT-86 - Wrinkle Black
  • Rear Strut Tower Brace - 2017-21 BRZ / GT-86 - Wrinkle Black
  • Rear Strut Tower Brace - 2017-21 BRZ / GT-86 - Wrinkle Black
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Lock down your rear suspension with our BRZ / FR-S / GT-86 strut tower brace.  

Want a great rear chassis stiffening brace to shore upyour 2017-2021 Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S or Toyota GT-86? Well the search is over, this bar hits that target.  Reduce chassis flex and the creaks and rattles that come along with it.  Whether you're spending weekends at the track or putting the car through its paces on twisty tarmac roads, this is your upgrade.  Grab one in Wrinkle Black powdercoated finish today!

Why is it the best? How is it different from other “strut tower bars”?

We start with a unique CNC machined conical cup at each of the mounting points of the brace, connected to a stitch welded twin tube design with optimal low profile routing above the hatch carpet. We then use CNC machined T301 Stainless Steel conical nuts to mount the conical cups to the strut top studs. As they are tightened down, they center the strut brace perfectly on the factory studs and achieve a ZERO deflection mounting solution that prevents flex better than the competition.

Yeah, but how is it different? Don’t all strut tower bars do that same thing?

No, not even close! Most designs for under hood strut tower bars are multi-piece designs to allow manufaturers to save money on part counts and make installation easier for the customer. Multi piece bars are great for a quick and easy fit but this design puts almost all the strain on a flexible joint or relying on the tightness of the nut installing the bar.  Did we mention factory torque spec is 25 ft lb?  Not enough to withstand chassis flex using something fastened below it like a washer, that's for sure.   If the point of a brace is to reduce chassis flex and the bar itself can articulate or move on its own mount, how is that providing extra rigidity?  It can't, and that's why people who have run other brands and switch to our bars rave about them.  It's also why most people are SURPRISED that our bars are a noticable difference - because the vast amount of the prior designs on the market simply do not work as advertised. 

What about our bar?

For the '17-21 BRZ, FR-S & GT-86 we have designed a twin-tube single piece weldment that fits cleanly in the rear hatch with the tubes sitting just above the trunk liner. Featuring a wrinkle red powder coated finish, the bar is finished off with a black anodized aluminum nameplate with a laser engraved “Nameless” logo. The result is an elegant, function-forward design that provides an attractive addition to your trunk that actually works! Upgrade and accessorize your BRZ or GT-86 with Nameless Performance!

Additional Benefits

Beyond keeping your suspension mounts tight and removing flex in the strut tops that results in improved tire contact patch to the road, these bars do a lot of heavy lifting in the hard cornering department, resisting the stresses and fatigue that our chassis undergo as we put the car through its paces on roads that routinely feature potholes and obstacles that usually get absorbed at speed.  Tying together all of these mounts with more rigidity and using conical cups lets our bar take the day to day stresses that your vehicles sheet metal unibody would normally be taking on.  Let us take the abuse! 

Color:  Wrinkle Black

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