Universal Rally Catalyst Exhaust Tip w/ V-Band - 2.5" Tubing

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  • Installed in factory EVO 8 bumper.
  • Tip with anti-lag cross
  • Easily removable for service/maintenence/inspection. (3" V-Band Shown)
  • David Sterckx & Karen Jankowski at Lake Superior Forest Rally in their Nameless Equipped GR Chassis Subaru STi hatchback.
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We have had a lot of requests for our V-band connected catalytic converter exhaust tip.  Used primarily for Rally and other sports which require one catalytic converter in the exhaust which must be inspected at the end of a race by event scrutineers. Comes standard with the Anti-Lag ring. Perfect for those running Anti-Lag or Shift Cut with a Sequential Transmission. Utilizing a 200 cell high flow catalytic converter with a metallic substrate and spun metal housing, the cat usually lights off after a gear or two of wide open throttle.  Attached to your exhaust using a state of the art, T304 stainless V-Band assembly, this kit comes with everything you need to take the setup to any fabricator or exhaust shop and have it welded to the tubing size you choose in the options below. 

Our V-Band system is unique to our company and a completely in-house design.  Featuring a 3/4" long inlet on the flange to prevent warping during the weld process, the flanges are CNC turned with a seamless 1/16" step on the inlet with a step ring design on the mating face of the flange.  This step ring design ensures concentricity between the two flanges when installing, perfect sealing surface devoid of leak points, and a seamless internal transition.  Truly an excellent gasketless seal

The Clamp design is also unique - featuring a latching t-bolt design for ease of installation and removal, the entire assembly is easy to weld-up and can be disconnected for service/switch with 3-4 turns of a wrench/ratchet and flipping a latch. 


Additional Flange:

We can provide an additional V-Band flange for you to attach the tip of your choice to your exhaust for whenever you're not at a race and just require a standard exhaust tip.  (Adds $12 to total) Exhaust tips ready to weld are also available in 3" double wall, 3.5" double wall and 4" double wall.  Contact us for more information at 360.263.5001/ 

These are built to order and generally have a 1-2 week lead time.  If you NEED ONE FOR AN EVENT, please indicate that and the event date on the order. 


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Warranty Information

Limited Lifetime Warranty available to original purchaser. Covers defects in workmanship and material.
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