Catback Exhaust - 2022+ Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR86 - 3" Primary Diameter - Muffler Delete - 4" Single Wall Tips

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  • Catback Exhaust - 2022+ Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR86 - 3" Primary Diameter - Muffler Delete - 4" Single Wall Tips
  • Muffler Delete
  • Catback Exhaust - 2022+ Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR86 - 3" Primary Diameter - Muffler Delete - 4" Single Wall Tips
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Incredible Sound, Superior Construction, All Hand Built

It should come as no surprise that we are beyond exicted about how absolutely incredible the new FA24 powered GR86 and BRZ sound with our axleback and catback exhaust systems onboard.  Our full catback with the 5" mufflers, even in an automatic vehicle, sounds so good that I nearly didn't want to give it back to our customer.  These cars produce a rich breadth of sound and sound as good on aggressive deceleration as they do when you ring out the needle on the tachometer.  I'm so impressed with the sound of this exhaust system that I had to interject my opinion at the top of these '22 BRZ/GR86 product pages.  


Big compression means hot exhaust and an absolute need for optimal flow.  You'll hear us say time and time again that a midpipe isn't as important on a naturally aspirated car, but as compression and displacement go up, the advantage afforded by a full catback also ticks up a notch.  For this reason, our exhaust systems for the 2022+ BRZ and GR86 feature a 3" main circuit for the midpipe and inlet segment of the axleback exhaust as a rule rather than an option.  Our stainless steel hand TIG welded exhuast system is designed to reduce drone at cruise and hill climbing while simultaneously improving torque and horsepower in the midrange and top end without sacrifice to low end torque. 

As mentioned above, a sound like no other - rich in breadth of tone with a sharp bark, devoid of tinny or raspy tones often found in exhuast systems for high compression four cylinder engines.

Catback Exhaust Options:

Resonator in the Midpipe: Yes or No. With the resonator, you'll have a smoother more refined sound, no raspy tones, less pops and crackles. You'll know right away whether you want one or not. Refined warm sound - resonator; Pop and crackle afterfire on rev-matched downshifts - skip the resonator. Non-resonated systems are built to order and can be requested in the order comments during checkout. All standard orders are shipped with a resonator.

Mufflers option:

Muffler Delete: The loudest option, you get the high frequencies, midrange and low tones all at the same time. Most engine noise, most pop and crackle when the engine is hot and you downshift.

Materials: The system is designed using 100% T304 (low corrosion, high strength) stainless steel throughout. From the flanges to the tubing and hangers to the perforated tubing in the mufflers, all of the stainless we use is the highest grade T304. Muffler packing consists of medium density, high temperature resistant ceramic wool, ensuring long muffler life and a compact lightweight design. We go the extra mile so you get what you pay for.

Construction: TIG Welding stainless steel is our bread and butter. All weld joints in this 2022 WRX cat-back exhaust are hand TIG welded by our experienced team members in our shop in the Pacific Northwest. With over 40 years of experience welding, our team is comprised of fabricators who have worked in every industry from automotive to heavy fabrication, working with a wide variety of materials and technologies. They pride themselves on their work and produce results that are unparalleled.

Installation / How It Fits Together: At all OEM connection points, OEM fit connections are used. This axleback exhaust simply bolts up to the factory flange without any need for an adapter.  

Military Discount: As always, we offer one discount on our products, and one discount only for our military and first responder customers, drop us an email at to get your military discount code. 

Lifetime Warranty

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Limited Lifetime Warranty available to original purchaser. Covers defects in workmanship and material.
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Muffler Delete
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4" Single Wall
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Dual Exit
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