Hydraulic Handbrake Parking Latch

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  • Latch assembly shown in latched position.
  • Spring return latch assembly shown.
  • Hydraulic Handbrake Parking Latch
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Need a hand?  Grab your handbrake and latch it in place.

Designed to meet the requirements for American Rally Association requirements that the vehicle must have a mechanism on the handbrake that will restrain the vehicle from moving on horizontal ground, our locking latch mechanism provides an elegant solution to an age old problem.  This mechanism is spring loaded to retract out of the way of normal operation of the handbrake while disengaged, and can then be manually latched in place to hold the handbrake handle at a fixed location after it has been pulled back.  

Our design is compact and adjustible - with ability to adjust handle preload to achieve the amount of stopping force desired for your combination of master cylinder sizing and caliper sizing.  This updated design also is able to be used with any handbrake that utilizes our billet handbrake base or any Wilwood style base that uses a bolt up master cylinder rather than studs to retain the cylinder.  That means a vast majority of handbrakes on the market from a variety of brands.  If you're on the fence on whether it would work, snap us a pic of your handbrake base and email it to for details on whether this system is compatible. 

This is not intended to be used for long term parking of a vehicle, and a cable handbrake is recommended for applications where that is necessary.  This provides a short term retention mechanism for holding the vehicle in place on flat ground.  Applications include hot grid, parc expose, timing control and other instances where you've got to be out of the car and be able to leave it parked on flat ground. 

A tidy solution for a variety of motorsport applications.  

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