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2.5" Downpipe (Replaces Overpipe) - BRZ/FR-S

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  • 2.5" Downpipe with High Flow Catalytic Converter
  • 2.5" Downpipe with Helmholtz and High Flow Catalytic Converter
Nameless Performance
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 Product Description

Here we go, first to market with the 2013-2017 BRZ/FR-S/GT-86downpipe with a 200 cell metallic core high flow cat. This helps the engine breathe easier and helps to fill in the torque valley that this engine exhibits.

We supply all required hardware but the factory gaskets are reused. 


UPDATE: This now fits both the Automatic and the Manual both with and without the Helmholtz resonator!

 Product Reviews

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  1. Perfect sound with the axleback

    Posted by on

    I picked one up to pair with my 5" muffler axle back and the sound is absolutely perfect now. Throaty and aggressive but not obnoxious at all. The little drone I had with just the axle back around 3-4k RPM is actually completely gone now with the addition of the Helmholtz Resonator. I'll always recommend Nameless when it comes to parts because the team doesn't disappoint.

  2. Great quality and amazing sound

    Posted by on

    I don't have much knowledge in terms of welding, but it looks really well made.
    I had a non-resonated frontpipe from Nameless before and it was a bit too loud and raspy and got a resonated downpipe now and it sounds amazing. I have OFH and Perrin non-resonated cat-back.
    I saw some complaints regarding installation difficulty and yes it requires lifting the engine, but it's extremely easy to do, so no problems there.

    Suggestions for Nameless:
    Include gaskets for both sides (at least make it an option).
    Make video comparing resonated and non-resonated sound.

  3. So happy I got this for my car

    Posted by on

    I have paired this with the 2.5" axleback exhaust that Nameless sells, and the car performs and sounds like I wish it would have from the day I got it. The vehicle is noticeably peppier, and the sound is absolutely perfect (note: I got mine with the resonator). Cold start is pretty loud, and when you get on the throttle it sounds pretty mean, but idle is very quiet and I haven't noticed any drone on the freeway. It's the perfect addition for those who want just a little bit of race car spirit while not being obnoxious or going into more serious mods.

    I can't speak to the install, as it is still 100+ degree weather where I live, so I had a shop do the install--but they didn't seem to have any issues when I talked to them.

  4. Love It!

    Posted by on

    happy I went with nameless. Not too loud not too quite just perfect for the street.

  5. Quality

    Posted by on

    The fit and the quality of the fabrication are first class. I purchased the 2.5" pipe with the Helmholtz and cat . Sounds fantastic With the factory Release 1.0 axle back.

  6. Highly Recommended Purchase!

    Posted by on

    The customer service during ordering as well as procurement was the best I've experienced. Friendly staff who went above and beyond while ordering, and continuous email follow-ups from fabrication status to delivery.

    The quality is top notch (fyi the helmholtz is now circular instead of the current website picture).

    Installation took my friend and I longer than expected, around 7-8hrs with jack stands, although we're not super fast professionals and we had to torch a few bolts (I live in sunny northeast ohio!!!). Technical Support was good with Jason as we ran into questions. I did leave a couple voicemails which were not responded too, however towards the end I called back and spoke to Matt who talked us through a fitting issue and even gave me his cell number. We called him after Nameless hours and I texted him after the "first drive" that night. Pretty awesome for Friday night support...

    As mentioned above, we did have a fitting issue from the end of the front pipe to the start of the mid pipe. I have an Amuse cat-back which is not designed for a donut gasket from the male end of the front pipe like OEM. Three millimeter-thin flange gaskets replaced the donut gasket flange to secure that joint when the cat-back was installed, with zero stress on any pipe. Once the motor was dropped and bolted back into the original position and the crush gasket was tightened from the header to the start of the Nameless pipe, there was still a fitting issue from the end of the front pipe to the mid pipe. We loosened the back end of the mid pipe, but the top flange bolt at that problem joint still required torquing down to fit flush (the bottom flange bolt was always flush). This put some strain on the Nameless and Amuse, but overall everything "fit." The car will be at a local shop in a couple weeks to have more involved work performed, and I'll ask them to see if they can better adjust the exhaust fitment. If not, I'd still be really happy with the result.

    During the first drive and the week since, the noise at idle is noticeable deeper and more pronounced which sounds very good. At WOT my car sounds about 90% the same as it did pre-Nameless with a little extra sound to accompany the cat-back, which again is also very good. As with just the cat-back, the car sounds quiet off-throttle, and very pure and exotic on throttle. There is zero drone / zero abnormal noises whatsoever. Most importantly, there is a noticeable improvement in the torque dip which is great. I can feel the additional ~5hp across the rpm range starting~3500rpms.

    I'm a believer in premium parts and Nameless fits the bill. This was the first exhaust part I've purchased from a domestic vendor, and going through the entire experience and knowing what I know today; I would not think twice about giving Nameless my business again. Quality and R&D are clear priorities, and they understand how crucial good customer service is for business. I look forward to working with Nameless in the future.

    P/S: Only downside is that I didn't receive a Nameless sticker to further market their reputation. Oh well, just have to market with the throttle and give 'em Matt's number :)

    UPDATE 4/21/15

    The local shop I referred too was able to better align my cat-back so that it fit flush with the Nameless op/fp AND is no longer rubbing the subframe - fitment issue resolved!

    The sound of the op/fp is really noticeable if revving at idle (much deeper & throatier but not overwhelming at all), and the great exhaust tone continues at WOT.

    There is no abnormal noises or drone whatsoever, and again the ~5hp gain is noticeable on the butt dyno.

    I still stand on my comments below that I would not look elsewhere for the best quality setup between the header and mid-pipe (I have the OEM header).

    Thanks again Nameless!

  7. not an ideal fit

    Posted by on

    This piece appears to be well-made, but it didn't just bolt up like other exhaust components that I have previously installed on my car. It required an inordinate amount of adjusting and prying to get everything to bolt up. As a result, there is a fair amount of stress on the various parts it connects to. It has minimal clearance in a couple places and that could be a problem in some cars.

    Overall, if I had it to do over again, I would probably go a different route.

  8. quality hardware

    Posted by on

    This is a great part. I did have some issues but they were easily solved. First, if you do not have access to a lift do not buy this, Buy the 2 piece it will save you time and money. Next, it did take some work to get it in while on the lift. I had to unbolt the motor mounts and jack the engine up an inch or 2 to get the flange between the subframe and motor. Aside from these minor issues it fits just fine. I am very happy with it.

    *Manufacturer's Note*

    Lifting of the engine is a necessity to install this specific part, it is the only way to get the clearance over the front subframe. The part was designed that way, and the installation can be done from the ground with basic tools.

    -Ryan @ Nameless

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