2.5" Street Axleback & Downpipe Package (Replaces Overpipe) - BRZ/FR-S

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  • Old Tips Shown.
  • 5" Muffler with 4" Single-Wall Tip
  • 4" Single-Wall Tip
  • Muffler Delete with 4" Single-Wall Tip
  • 2.5" Street Axleback & Downpipe Package (Replaces Overpipe) - BRZ/FR-S
  • 2.5" Street Axleback & Downpipe Package (Replaces Overpipe) - BRZ/FR-S
  • 2.5" Street Axleback & Downpipe Package (Replaces Overpipe) - BRZ/FR-S
  • 2.5" Street Axleback & Downpipe Package (Replaces Overpipe) - BRZ/FR-S
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Here it is, the street package for the 2013-2016 Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S. This package includes our Dual Exit 2.5" Axleback w/ 5" Mufflers and our High Flow Cat Downpipe. Bundling these this way saves significantly on shipping.

UPDATE: This now fits both the Automatic and the Manual both with and without the Helmholtz resonator!

Our axleback has a 2.5" inlet which is larger than stock but not too large. The 2.5" main circuit then splits to two 2" pipes. Both 2" circuits terminate in 4" diameter tips that sit flush with the bumper. This makes the car look like it should have from the factory.

The weight of our axleback is 17 pounds compared to the 25 pound stock muffler.

The axleback produces almost no peak HP but fills in the valley that is typical of this new direct injected boxer 4.

Our downpipe with 200 cell high flow cat frees up the exhaust to allow the engine to breathe better.

This package eliminates the stock overpipe and is ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH LHD CARS! This downpipe requires jacking the engine up about 1" on the passenger side (easy, unbolt the passenger side engine mount and jack the engine up so that the end of the stud is flush with the mounting surface).

This package makes a dyno proven 12whp gain!

BRZ Baseline vs. High-flow cat and street axleback

Muffler Options:

  • No Mufflers: This is also known as a Muffler Delete. This is louder than the other two options for obvious reasons, but still sounds good. In-cabin noise is greater than that of the muffled options as well. This option is good if you want the "race car" sound with out the unfinished "race car" look and you are not planning on upgrading other portions of your exhaust. A Caveat here, if you are sensitive to noise or don't like loud exhaust, this option is not for you.

  • 5" Mufflers: The dimensions of these hand built mufflers are 5" diameter with a body length of 8" and offset inlet/outlet. These mufflers are the best option for a nice smooth exhaust note. The tone is nice and deep with volume being mellow with stock exhaust otherwise. When you decide to upgrade to an aftermarket downpipe or overpipe/downpipe combo, this exhaust really comes alive while remaining deep and smooth sounding. This axleback even keeps the volume down at a tolerable level with our catless header.

Bushing Options:

We get a lot of people asking what the exhaust bushings are good for. Here is your answer: 

  • 0 Bushings: This means you are using your factory rubber exhaust hanger bushings. These work fine for most people, they are very flexible and allow the exhaust to move around a lot. The tip alignment will change more with these tips than with our urethane bushings.

  • 2 Bushings: We recommend this option for those of you who either drive your car hard on the street or race your occasionally at the track. The 2 urethane bushings you get from us should replace the two bushings in the rear of the car closest to the bumper.

  • 4 Bushings: This is for people who race their cars often. the 4 bushings you get from us replace all 4 bushings on the axleback portion of the exhaust.

  • 5 Bushings: For those of you who are hard core autocrossers or circuit racers. All 5 of the factory bushings are replaced with our bushings.
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