Axleback Exhaust - 2017+ Impreza/2018+ Crosstrek 2.0L - Dual Chamber - Turndown

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  • Axleback Exhaust - 2017+ Impreza/2018+ Crosstrek 2.0L - Dual Chamber - Turndown
  • Axleback Exhaust - 2017+ Impreza/2018+ Crosstrek 2.0L - Dual Chamber - Turndown
  • Axleback Exhaust - 2017+ Impreza/2018+ Crosstrek 2.0L - Dual Chamber - Turndown
  • Axleback Exhaust - 2017+ Impreza/2018+ Crosstrek 2.0L - Dual Chamber - Turndown
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The wait is over - our dual chamber, single exit exhaust system is available now, tuned specifically for the FB20 engine in the 2018+ Subaru Crosstrek and 2017+ Subaru Impreza Wagon.

Ever wish you could have an exhaust that was quiet when you want quiet yet aggressive when you want aggressive? Wish no more! our new Dual Chamber exhaust system is here!

This system offers the same crisp exhaust notes that our 5" muffled systems on the outside of the vehicle, while reducing cabin noise in the low RPM ranges. literally the best of both worlds - ultra mild at cruise, and an appropriate growl inside and outside when you feel like doing some "spirited driving". 

Featuring both a 5" conventional "zero-restriction muffler" and a frequency tuned "helmholtz" resonator. Want to know more about the science behind this design?  Check out our our blog article, "Calculating The Perfect Exhaust Note." Don't care about the science and just want the results? Visit our YouTube page or click the video tab to hear how it sounds!

 "New helmholtz exhaust designed by @namelessperformance received and installed. Impressive build, quality, and sound... and most importantly for my wife, absolutely no drone in the cabin. Nameless hit a home run with this one. Thank you!" was what our first customer had to say about this after driving the 5" muffler and wanting to have less cabin noise.  

Featuring factory fit laser cut flanges and 2.25" piping that provides excellent breathing characteristics for high end horsepower and torque while retaining the appropriate frequency to reduce in-cabin drone and keeping excellent sound outside the car.

Fits 2018-2022 Crosstrek or 2017-2022 Impreza Wagon with OEM or OEM fitment mid pipe. Specifically for the FB20 Engine only! Will not fit the older models! This will not work on the Crosstrek Sport model with the FB25 Engine. Looking for a unit that will work with that engine size, check out our Dual Chamber for the 2.5 liter.  

Each axle back exhaust system comes with a full hardware kit and gasket for a simple and clean installation.


Alternate Options:

We also offer a few additional exhaust options in addition to this dual chamber design.  If one of those sounds more up your alley, check them out at the links below.  

  • Axle back Muffler Delete:The loudest option. Nameless  Subaru Crosstrek rear muffler delete kit removes the mufflers entirely. This is a 10 on a scale of 1-10 where 1 would represent factory sound. This is very loud and for when you want to be heard. Your neighbors will hate you.
  • Axle back with 5" Mufflers: Our quietest option, A true Muffled axle back exhaust system. Perfect for those looking for a subtle upgrade that still sounds aggressive when you you get into the throttle. This is a 4 on a scale of 1-10 where 1 would represent factory sound. Your neighbors will still love you.
  • Quad Exit Exhaust System:  Available in both muffler delete and muffled, these exhaust systems feature quad tips and optional dual mufflers or as a muffler delete.  

Recommended Add-Ons:


Upgrading to our long lasting Nameless Performance urethane exhaust bushings over that the factory rubber bushings is highly recommended. The softer rubber factory bushings have too much flex and if you race your car or enjoy spirited driving the exhaust "wags" left to right which sometimes causes noise or the tips to touch the rear bumper on Crosstrek and Impreza applications. When this happens there is a chance your bumper can be damage or if you have a hitch or any other accessories can cause annoying sounds. The best way to avoid this is to use our urethane exhaust bushings to hold the exhaust in place. These upgraded bushings are not necessary to install our exhaust systems but for the small cost of upgraded units, it is an excellent idea! prevents common exhaust sag issues.

  • 3 Bushings: Replace all 3 rubber bushings on the axleback portion of the exhaust.

  • 4 Bushings: Replace all 4 of the factory rubber bushings from the mid pipe back.
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